Toyota Land Cruiser New 2021 Car | 200 Series

Toyota Land Cruiser New 2021 Car | 200  Series

Introduction Of Toyota Land Cruiser New 2021 Car | 200 Series

Toyota Land Cruiser New 2021 Car | 200 Series. The Toyota land cruiser 200 series now believe it or not here in Australia this was the third best selling vehicle in 2020 or at least in the last month of it which I think is madness it’s huge this particular model is the Sahara variant and it doesn’t account for all the sales a lot of that is in mining fleets.

Still, it’s crazy to think that this thing is outselling cars like the Toyota Corolla and Hyundai i30 so it stands to reason it must be pretty damn good so that’s what we’re going to check out in today’s video now we know that the next generation 300 series land cruiser will be here soon but there’s probably going to be a little bit of reluctance and market lag as buyers sort of getting used to the idea of that car’s hybrid system compared to this car’s more traditional powertrains.

We’re going to take a look at this Sahara today we’re going to check out the interior and the practicality and then the driving dynamics but this Sahara costs 126 thousand dollars before on-road costs here in Australia which is hugely expensive for a vehicle that is basically a ladder frame chassis and has been around since 2007. now for that money, you can get yourself a brand new land rover defender so the question is does the Sahara offer enough luxury for it to be worth it.

Toyota Land Cruiser Design Review

Now outside this Sahara is a proper full-size suv that means it’s nearly five meters in length nearly two meters wide and 1.95 meters tall which is taller than me which makes washing it pretty difficult of course it has the benefit of giving you plenty of space inside this interior although it does feel very much 2007 in here just generally speaking that doesn’t mean a bad thing necessarily it just depends on what you like and how you like your cars.

This Sahara can be told apart by this nine-inch touchscreen here which is pretty crisp it’s bigger than the rest of the range gets and it’s fairly responsive it’s a little slow on startup and can be a little annoying does have navigation but there’s no apple car play or android order even by a wired system which is a bit annoying the other slightly annoying thing is that all of the climate control is done through here except for the temperature so you sort of have to awkwardly navigate this menu which I’m sure you’ll get used to as an owner but when you first get in the land cruiser it’s a little bit annoying.

Now moving down on this sort of like uh Robo style design you’ve got your tuning knob and your volume knob and then the cd changer as well just above the climate controls which just dates this car a little bit and then below that it’s got one of the neatest little things I’ve ever seen in a car it’s the perfect size for a non-plus smartphone for example and inside there is a little wireless charging pad so it’s cool that even though this car is dated in some ways Toyota has sneakily updated it along the way to include.

Digital Touch Features Of Toyota Land Cruiser

Some clever features apart from that we’ve got this very shallow bin because this Sahara has a cool box for storing your beers when you go camping which is very nice indeed you’ve got these two cup holders here covered by this little flip-up piece of equipment there and you’ve got decently sized door bins that are big enough to fit a 1.5-liter bottle those 1.5-liter bottles will also fit in the middle of these two cup holders because they are very big it doesn’t make it much good for a small bottle because they rattle around.

This car is a big car for big people and that means you’re probably going to need big water bottles what else we got in the interior as I said the design is pretty dated there are analog dials just in front of me here which are quite attractive they kind of have a Lexus look to them almost watch facey although more swatch than Rolex and between them you’ve got a 4.2-inch TFT screen with readouts like fuel economy and your terrain controls and it’s also got a digital speed reader.

Which is always nice the steering wheel itself is very very much uh Toyota land cruiser you’ve got these wooden trim inserts as well on the doors and on the passenger side there which I’m not a huge fan of personally but I’m pretty sure that if you buy a land cruiser you’ve got to be a fan of wood trim the size is okay I would say it could do with being a little bit bigger given this car’s bigness and the size and that sort of chunkiness about it but it does the job you’ve got nice controls.

Discuss Automatic Functions Of Toyota Land Cruiser

The cruise control dial is back here behind that speaking of buttons we’ve got a litany of buttons to control all of the functions in this car they’re quite confusingly laid out though so there’s not a sort of sensible layout of where all the buttons are so you don’t have all-wheel drive controls all together or the pdf controls or anything like that so it’s a little bit annoying to get used to but again once you get your eye in it’s fine you’ve got most of the stuff.

That you need down here you’ve got your full low four high which we’ll get into when we take this thing off-road in a minute you’ve also got these seats which are leather-appointed and they’re power-adjustable with memory function for the driver which is nice you can get them into a pretty good commanding driving position with a good view out over that long bonnet you’ve also got heated and cooled seats with an automatic function and the general feel of it is very sturdy as you expect perhaps you could do with.

Some slightly softer soft-touch materials to make it feel a little bit more luxury but there’s always the Lexus lx 570 for those who want a little bit more opulence or perhaps as I said before a land rover defender now let’s hop into the back of the cruiser where the doors open fairly widely and even though you might buy a suv because it’s easy to get into this one’s quite difficult to get into because of how tall it is now back here there’s a lot of content but as in the front seats.

Turbo And Battery Review Of Toyota Land Cruiser

It’s very much 2007 content so we’ve got these two screens which are adjustable for the passengers now they don’t have a DVD player inbuilt which is kind of nice you have to put an HDMI input in there and you can select that with your own little remote and they come with their headphones so passengers in the rear can listen to the same stuff that’s going on in the front or they can have their separate entertainment which is kind of cool and as I said it’s better.

That there’s an HDMI port because I mean conceivably you could bring a PlayStation back here and play some driving games if you wanted to temperature controls are very straightforward back here you’ve got heating on both outboard seats and you’ve got your climate settings and your fan controls which is always nice you do have a 12-volt socket but there are no usb ports to keep your devices charged on the doors which retain a soft touch fabric they’ve got these nice little bits of brightwork here and a very nice comfortable pad for your arm speaking of which we have a central armrest.

Which has a sort of scratchy piece of plastic here to I guess put your phone on you’ve got this fold-out thing that is very flat and I guess you could put a flip phone here it looks like it’s exactly the right size for a Nokia flip phone which is a bit weird in 2021 and you’ve got two deployable cup holders as well as for space on offer I’ve got plenty of headroom here and I’ve got plenty of legroom behind this driver’s seat they are also adjustable for and aft and with the backrest as well the only issue is with my driving position in the front seat I’ve got very poor tow room.

Seats Are Super Comfortable

Which I don’t think is a particular issue when you’ve got so much space but still worth considering the seats themselves are actually very comfortable though so you’d be comfortable sitting in the back here for long periods now let’s jump around the back of this cruiser where we’ll suss out the practicalities of the boot so the rear end of the land cruiser Sahara as you can see it makes me look short which not a lot of cars do frankly so pretty good going for the land cruiser you’ve got a fair bit of blingy brightwork Sahara lettering to let everyone know that you spent over 130 000 on this on the road and the v8 to know.

That you’re polluting nice amounts of diesel now I haven’t got to the third rows yet we’ll talk about that when we open up this power-operated tailgate here which is a nice little touch you can disable that in the front seat if you don’t want it to do that you’ve also got this easy drop nicely sprung rear tailgate which you can sit on which is cool now Toyota tend to do this in their land cruiser products they’ve got side-folding third-row seats.

Which to me doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because it encroaches on the load space which is otherwise really nice and square with 1276 leaders now those seats when they’re in action they are pretty comfortable sitting I can sit behind the middle row with the middle row one-click forwards so they’re quite usable as a seven-seat vehicle these land cruisers which is not that surprising given the huge size of it.

Engine depth Review For Toyota Land Cruiser

But with those seats folded you have a very small amount of space back here at least in the rear seats you get your little aircon vents as well and plenty of cup holders you don’t have much going on under the floor here in flack you can’t actually take the floor up you only have a little bit of extra storage underneath these little neat uh sort of carpeted bits which is clever and then the spare tire is underneath the rear of the vehicle as you would expect on something like this so let’s close that power tailgate, unfortunately, you can’t lock it from the rear end but let’s close.

That and take this land cruiser Sahara out for a spin on the road and off the road so let’s talk about what this big old land cruiser 200 series is like to drive out here on the road now we did take it off-road because it is a four-wheel-drive vehicle and we’ll talk about that a little bit in a minute but first of all, we’ve got to talk about the on-road driving impressions because realistically that is where this car is going to spend most of its time so starting with the engine.

Because this is worth appreciating because there are not many more vehicles that are going to use an engine quite as muscular and powerful as this one at least in this traditional sense so under the bonnet is a four and a half-liter twin-turbo diesel v8 which has been in the land cruiser for ages in fact since this car was launched back in 2007. there have been other engines offered in Australia so initially, there was a v8 as well a petrol v8 naturally aspirated.

Now in other markets outside of Australia, you can get a 5.7 liter v8 that also features in the lx 570 here but this diesel punches out 200 kilowatts and 650-newton meters and there’s the history of this engine going on easy 500 000 ks without really any major maintenance so this is probably the one to go for if you’re going to be using this car for what it’s intended for driving on the freeway and taking on some tough terrain.

Speed And Gearbox

Where you might get stuck and yeah need something that’s going to be very reliable and that’s pretty much what this land cruiser is about it’s hooked up to a pretty basic six-speed automatic transmission it’s got a Tiptronic mode and a sport mode you’ve also got a couple of buttons so you can set it to start in second or you can set it to give you a bit more of a punchy throttle response but honestly I feel like this car is absolutely at its best when it’s in drive and when you’re just cruising along because there’s just so much mid-range torque in this engine it just you can ride on this wave of like.

It’s lovely and it sounds pretty good too you know if you can hear that because the is pretty well suppressed but you get this nice sort of deep gurgle v8 note which is uh yeah I’m quite a fan I wasn’t a fan initially but you sort of grow to like it and it’s going to go missing when this car goes too hybrid let’s talk about how this thing is to drive around town because although it’s not designed to drive in city and environments or suburban environments like the.

One we’re in now the truth is that it’s going to have to be here at some point and you do see a lot of them just outside the center of the city so in suburbs around Sydney and frankly it’s a little bit difficult the vision is really good you can see out nicely and this particular Sahara model gets a 360-degree camera which makes visibility pretty simple but it’s a wide car it’s not so much the length but it nearly two meters wide it’s a really wide car to park on a small street.

consider that but it’s not going to live in the city much it feels like it belongs out on the open road where the engine and the suspension are well suited to a car of this sort it’s got this relaxed ride nice and soft and cushiony the only times that it feels a little bit uncomfortable is when you’re you know tackling stutter bumps.

Cabine Review

Where you feel the stiffness of this ladder frame chassis sort of thump through into the cabin and it’s a little bit sort of yeah you’re reminded you’re in a body-on-frame four-wheel-drive not you know a suv as you will so you lose a little bit of refinement there the suspension is best hitting bigger hits at a higher speed where it comes into its own and the damping feels adequate despite this car’s near three-ton mass.

Now the other thing that impresses in this full-size land cruiser it’s also available on the smaller Prado as well in the upper grades but is the kiss system the Australian design system that is a sway bar disconnect so when you’re on the road the sway bars are connected and what that means is you can drive this cruiser down a country road with quite some alacrity it’s not a sports car and it’s got a little bit of body roll.

I mean a fair bit of body roll let’s be honest but when you’re driving at reasonable speeds not trying to push this car too hard it’s a very stable vehicle on a back road which is impressive given what this car can do off-road which we’ll get to in just a second first we’ve got to talk about the NVH as well on the freeway which is pretty well suppressed the engine is the dominant sound in this car um there is almost pin-drop quiet.

When you’re off the throttle as you can probably hear now you can almost hear nothing so the sound insulation is really good the all-terrain tires fitted to this particular one do have a little bit of raw at 110ks an hour but it’s not a big deal on the freeway you’re also not going to see particularly good fuel consumption so over our week of driving we’ve come to about 12.7 liters per 100 according to the dials and even on the freeway that doesn’t drop much below 11 liters per hundred so it’s a pretty thirsty old thing and that’s reflected in the size of the fuel tank fitted which is 138 liters.

Wheels And Brakes Of Toyota Land Cruiser

This is massive so the range is still about a thousand k’s when you’re roving in this car but just be aware that you’re gonna have to fill up that 138-liter tank pretty regularly and now we get to get onto the fun stuff which is taking this Landcruiser 200 series off the beaten track onto some dirt tracks now to be fair not that many people are going to be pointing their cruisers on technical off-road sections and we did tackle a trail that I’d probably prefer to as I guess a blue grade trail a little bit tricky but something that a standard four-wheel drive can pretty easily do and the cruiser.

Just walked up everything it’s got pretty much everything you could want you’ve got a low range transfer case you’ve got crawl settings and several modes that adjust the traction control settings you’ve also got hill descent control and a center diff lock so really the cruiser is equipped for that sort of stuff and it’s a broad track and long wheelbase means that it never really feels like it’s going to be flustered climbing up steep stuff the approach and departure angles are pretty decent.

We’ll have them up on the screen right now because I can’t remember that many details off the top of my head but just know that this thing can handle pretty much anything that you’ll throw at it but of course where it really is going to be used mostly is on high-speed dirt roads where it feels really well composed as I said the stutter bumps as before those sort of low-frequency bumps do tend to whack through into the cabin but it just feels planted and the esp system is pretty well-tuned to allow a little bit of slip off-road.

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