Welcome to your Full 45 Questions DMV Practice Test

1. A yellow line in the middle of the road means:
2. It is illegal to follow fire vehicles traveling in response to an alarm, within:
3. The wheelchair symbol in a parking space means that it is reserved for disabled persons:
4. A sign with this shape means:
5. A red painted curb means you may:
6. If you approach a school bus that is picking up or dropping off children, you must:
7. It is safe to return to your lane after passing when:
8. You should give the right-of-way to any pedestrian who is:
9. You are approaching an intersection where the lighted arrow has just changed to yellow:
10. This sign means:
11. It is illegal to park if a fire hydrant is within:
12. When observing law enforcement lights and/or sirens activated behind you, drivers should:
13. This hand signal means:
14. It is illegal to park if a crosswalk is within:
15. A sign with this shape means:
16. Before entering a road from an alley or driveway, you must:
17. This sign means:
18. A yellow line in the middle of the road means:
19. When stopped by law enforcement, drivers should:
20. A green lighted arrow on a traffic light means you may:
21. A broken yellow line alongside a solid yellow line in the middle of the road means:
22. What do you do after a non-injury, fender bender collision?
23. A school bus is stopped on a four-lane road with its stop-sign arm extended, you must:
24. This sign means:
25. This hand signal means:
26. This hand signal means:
27. The white car will turn left. The black car will go straight. Which has the right-of-way?:
28. If you are parking downhill, you should:
29. This sign means:
30. A flashing red traffic light at an intersection means the:
31. Signing for or accepting a citation from a law enforcement officer:
32. When no speed limit is posted, the maximum speed in a business or residential area is:
33. This sign means:
34. A school bus with flashing lights has stopped on a divided highway. Who must stop?:
35. When backing, you should:
36. To make a left turn, you should turn into:
37. When you see or hear an emergency vehicle approaching:
38. The car that made a correct turn was:
39. The speed limit approaching a school crosswalk is:
40. Before you make a turn, use your turn signals:
41. If you are parking uphill and there is a curb, you should:
42. All arrived at an uncontrolled intersection at the same time. Which has the right-of-way?:
43. A sign with this shape means:
44. Before you turn, you must signal continuously for at least:
45. Unless prohibited by a sign, a left turn on red is permitted: