New Toyota Sienna Hybrid Car 2021

New Toyota Sienna Hybrid Car 2021

Introduction Of New Toyota Sienna Hybrid Car 2021

New Toyota Sienna Hybrid Car 2021. All right let me take a guess statistically speaking you’re probably between 25 and 49 most likely you are female because I have a minivan statistically speaking odds are you have a family otherwise why would you be looking at a seven to eight-passenger family hauler maybe you’re environmentally friendly.

Because this is a hybrid it comes standard as a hybrid this year and your price range is between 35 and 50 and that’s exactly what this vehicle is hey what’s going on dave Erickson with every man driver thank you so much for reading this ought to be good because I’ve got some disagreements with the misses about this vehicle.

I’ve got some notes from her compared to my notes some pros and cons this is not a review as much as it is a parent’s point of view on some good things and bad things that you might want to look at when you do your test drive as a future owner of this Toyota sienna let’s get started all right this has been fully redesigned for 2021.

Are all 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid?

The old v6 now standard is this uh hybrid engine it is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder 36 miles per gallon in mixed driving so I know that might be a big factor for you looking at an economical family hauler which this is 245 horsepower the last one was 295 with a v6 but I don’t think you’re too concerned about power are you if you’re wondering about the credentials of this hybrid.

It’s the same engine they use in the rav4 hybrid and the highlander hybrid so it’s in very good company when it comes to its powertrain all right let me get right to the notes from the misses she calls this a barreling boat eager to take off at a stop sign so she’s not too happy about the controls of the break and the accelerator which I also had that problem as well then again she does drive a tesla.

So the driving mechanism there is much different than uh this hybrid here lane departure warning she says is super sensitive she wasn’t liking that it was constantly moving her back in the lane or the steering wheel is vibrating and making these alerts so she actually just turned it off two positives and then one more negative from the misses she does say it’s a comfortable family hauler we took this about 40 miles over the weekend to a place in Idaho we have two car seats in here we have plenty of space in the back.

Which is a big bonus for this a lot of passenger space and cargo space more than the outgoing model she failed as a five-foot five-woman that this was a perfect height for stepping in and out as opposed to some of the other vehicles where you have to step up into the vehicle this was an easy seamless transition into the driver’s seat which I agree with by the way this comes in five trim levels limited and platinum we have which one do we have the axle front-wheel drive is the standard all-wheel drive is available on all trim levels.

That’s what we have on ours this week one more oh by the way towing capability up to 3 500 pounds for a minivan this isn’t necessarily a new feature it’s not but with the key fob you can press a button open on both side doors you can also do that from the driver’s seat little buttons above uh above where your head is you can press those buttons and to close it there’s a couple of tabs just on the inside so you can close it that way now here’s a good thing about what this has to offer for parents it has a sliding middle row and remembers this does have seating for up to eight passengers we have the captain’s chairs in the middle so we’re looking at the seven-seat configuration now look at the seat travel.

Which I find very helpful as a parent trying to move things and negotiate and navigate the inside of the vehicle which has a lot of space is that this seat here travels front and back look how far back that goes and that’s with a car seat in it that’s why it’s a little bit harder for me to do this but look how far back it goes now this is great when you’re not using the back seats because once you do put the back seats up that’s going to crush your legroom but over here is where she has a big problem with the rear-facing car seat.

Now I’m going to have a lot more information on I just want to give you that practical parents point of view on what we experienced this week now this is what she doesn’t like and I agree with her here now this seat, of course, this one travels as well just like the other one but it’s rear-facing so if you have a little one it is very challenging to get them in the seat here you see you see you can’t quite get this spot with the child because either you’re gonna hit up here and if I do slide it forward a little bit more.

That’s as far as it goes because the seat is hitting the passenger’s front seat so even sliding it back now I have no access or it’s a lot harder to get the child in or out so rear-facing in the middle row that’s the best that you can do that’s the best we can do in our week of driving little one wasn’t very happy about it all right cargo now here’s the button when it’s blue like this on the Toyota logos that lets you know that it’s a hybrid so if you ever see blue in the part of the emblem that’s why you know it’s a hybrid vehicle.

So right here you’re looking at all the space back here with the seats they’re converged into the bottom of the car so you really can’t see it at all so if you want to use this area like we did or I put my bicycle back here I was able to put my bike standing up in the back in between the pretty convenient seats but I’m gonna take this out here is where the seats have been stowed away and now they’re in their upright position so they say you can get three people back here those are three very small people most likely children.

Now what’s cool about the back area is what space has been created by bringing these seats upright here I’ll show you here you go if you want you could and I have uh used this for space with groceries which was so great this weekend I brought my uh my son over to daycare recently and he was sitting back here just moments before he took off he goes it’s so cozy he’s three years old it is so cozy back here I said nope you can’t sit back here get back in the front put your seatbelt on let’s go anyhow that’s a big open area.

That you can utilize for groceries for luggage which we did over the weekend and close these up they got one and two labeled here one right there two one and now as stowed away you can use all that space here again they say there are more cargo and passenger space than the outgoing model which is a big confidence booster for me as a parent thinking would I want one of these well it’s bigger than last year maybe so also there are USB ports back here so if someone is in the back and they want to keep their devices charged.

You got two different options for USBs and also there’s a rear entertainment drop-down that’s over here that they can plug in and listen to while they’re in the back so they have some entertainment if they don’t have their smart devices which they always do have their smart devices all right a few more things that you’ll find convenient as a parent taking road trips all the different ledges and cubby holes available and charging the technology is uh upgraded this year versus last year they get a wireless charging pad up here on this little ledge plenty of cubby holes in the door panel cup holders everywhere one two three four five six seven eight some in the back here’s another one of those cubby holes.

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