New Mitsubishi Triton 2021 | let’s Take Review

New Mitsubishi Triton 2021 | let’s Take Review

New Mitsubishi Triton 2021 | let’s Take Review

New Mitsubishi Triton 2021 | let’s Take Review. Whether the triton is cheap and cheerful or cheap and nasty the one that I’ve brought along here today is the gfx plus which costs 41 490 drive away as you see it here with the auto including a seven-year warranty which is a pretty compelling offer when you consider that’s about 10 grand cheaper than some of the cheapest rivals to this vehicle so let’s find out exactly why that is the case.

Because a lot of the kind of general points about the triton look familiar there’s a 2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel underneath the bonnet a six-speed auto you can also get a manual to save about two and a half grand on that drive away price and the interior is very Mitsubishi there’s nothing that immediately stands out as really lacking in the triton there are definitely some uses that have higher payload higher towing capacity but if all you need is pretty much a ute that goes straight down the middle of the class.

Leather Seats And Touch Screen in Mitsubishi Triton

The triton at least on paper looks fine so let’s see what you get for that 41 and a half grand drive away well the interior is basic but not terrible we have cloth seats leather and heated seats are available to further up the range and the triton tops out at about 50 grand for a gls premium if you want that stuff but these bass seats they’re hardy they’re not especially comfortable or supportive but for reasonably short journeys.

You’re not even going to notice them we do have height adjustment we have a six-way manual that’s about it steering wheel is plastic but it’s not the worst I’ve ever felt there are some nastier leather wheels in this segment if I want a slight this plastic wheel in the trident almost feels better than the leather wheel in a Toyota Hilux so I guess that’s something and the instruments are clear and crisp even if the digital trip computer doesn’t have a speedometer function to it which is a little annoying now the glx plus is the first model in the range to get this touchscreen seven inches in size.

It’s not particularly big but it does support wired apple car play and android auto plus Bluetooth audio and digital radio so it’s fairly complete in terms of the offer at this price material quality is very durable in the triton you know lots of scratchy plastics but that’s par for the course among pickup utes in Australia so it’s not something that you can ding the Mitsubishi for but practicality is okay space ahead of the shifter big cupholders a tray between the seats and large door bins plus plenty of grabs handles to keep you seated in the car so for this kind of money I don’t see anything.

GLX Look And Cool Fan

That’s massively wrong with it even if it’s pretty boring in terms of interior design and a little dated you’re getting your money’s worth it seems let’s check out that back seat now we don’t have the color match door handles on the gfx plus but you can get those amongst several other improvements if you go for the glx-r which is less than a thousand dollars more than this model but you get much better looking 18-inch wheels you get some chrome garnishing as well.

it just lifts the look of the car I think this glx plus looks fairly base and so I would probably spend a little bit extra to get one that looks a bit cooler but we’re here in the back seat to talk about space and it’s decent I’m six-foot headroom’s good legroom is okay behind my seat and toe room’s fine as you can see I’ve got an armrest here which is not expected in a ute so cheap what we also have is the rear air circulator it’s the cheapest triton to get that feature.

It means that we just get air flowing back here and we do have a console with a fan speed as well plus the bench is reasonably supportive we’ve got more grab handles so it’s far from the worst you to spend time in the back off however it’s round here at the tritons tray where things get a little bit more basic we do have a tray liner which is good now the tailgate isn’t damp most utes don’t have damp tailgates sadly so they just kind of fall.

2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel producing 133 kilowatts of power and 430-newton meters

If you don’t catch it yourself we do have tie-down points as you can see they’ve just kind of cut out holes in the liner to make that work and we don’t get a sports bar or anything cool like that at this price point though it is something that you can fit the car aftermarket of course or there are higher-end tridents with that feature but the load space is decent though not as wide as something like a Volkswagen average that will let you get a pallet between the arches and as for the rear end design it’s presentable the blue comes up pretty nicely you can also get orange in the triton.

That also works well so that’s a look at the interior the tray and the practicality what’s this vehicle like on and off-road let’s find out now so what’s the Mitsubishi triton like to drive well it’ll probably surprise you the triton isn’t that bad from behind the wheel not that it necessarily should be it’s just that given the price is considerably lower than its rivals you might expect that there’s something fundamentally down market about the driving dynamics that isn’t the case.

I wouldn’t say it’s brilliant to drive but nor would I say almost any vehicle in this segment is brilliant the ford ranger and the Volkswagen Amarok stand out uh so too does the Australian spec uh Nissan Navara warrior but none of these vehicles offer a sparkling ride and handling or engines and so it goes for the triton we’ve got a workhorse under the bonnet here a 2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel producing 133 kilowatts of power and 430-newton meters of torque so that used to be competitive with the Hilux, for example, uh but that vehicle has now been upgraded to 150 500 for comparison’s sake.

Engine Capabilities In Mitsubishi Triton

Then in the ranger, you can get a 3.2 liter 5-cylinder and in the Amarok, you can get a 3-liter v6 diesel which is pretty much the cream of the crop in terms of engines in this segment in Australia so the triton isn’t at that level but nor is it priced anywhere near that sort of thing I’d say the engine in the triton is adequate the amount of torque on tap is sufficient now I’ve mainly been driving it unladen so that skews my opinion but it’s not a low number the torque is produced.

Just above idle and this vehicle has a competent six-speed torque converter auto that helps to get that torque to all four wheels when you want them and that is one thing where the triton stands out you can drive this vehicle in four high on the road unlike some rivals or you can leave it in too high to save some fuel but there’s motivation there on tap it’s just not rapid now about that gearbox you do get the occasional shanty shift but it’s not terrible the eight-speed in the Pajero sport which is kind of like the wagon version of the triton is better and in fact, the Pajero sport is more refined across.

The board than the triton it rides better uh it’s more hushed in the cabin has a nicer cabin and it has that eight-speed gearbox so if you’re not tied to getting a ute if you’d consider the wagon version the Pajero sport is actually really quite impressive and you know a step up from this triton but everything is really fine here in the ute the steering is a little bit indirect and it’s quite a slow ratio so in town you can find yourself sort of twirling the wheel a little bit when parking.

Semi-autonomous features Provide In Mitsubishi Triton

It does firm up on the highway or country roads and it gives you reasonable security from behind the wheel similarly the handling is perfectly acceptable body control is fine it’s easy to keep the triton reined in and I was able to make my way down a country road pretty quickly without feeling like you know the vehicle was going to understeer off the road or anything like that it’s perfectly middle of the road in terms of driving dynamics safety there’s perhaps a little more than

You expect we’ve got an including pedestrian detection from the second model up in the range and this is the third model up we’ve got lane departure warning and that’s about it plus a reversing camera you can get further semi-autonomous features further up the range uh there’s stuff like blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert that is available and is worthwhile uh on a vehicle as big as this but at this level at the 41.5 grand with automatic level.

Depth review Of Speedometer Mitsubishi Triton

We don’t have those two features but visibility out of the triton is good large mirrors seeing out the back windows easy there’s no sports bar or anything back there so you have a little bit more visibility than in some rivals in terms of criticisms it’s mainly just pretty loud in here the seat isn’t that supportive we don’t have a digital speedo so if you’re going past a speed camera you’ll need to keep a very careful eye on the analog speedometer.

You know it’s just designed to get the job done this vehicle and it does that pretty well so that’s a detailed look at the Mitsubishi triton dual cab not going to stand here and tell you this is the coolest ute in the world because it isn’t what it is though is fit for purpose and good value for money I’d avoid this spec I’d spend it just a tiny bit more to get the gfx r which looks significantly better with larger wheels and some chrome garnishing.

But you know you do you what i think the triton does really well though is giving you similar capabilities to many of its rivals and the long warranty at a really compelling price I’m keen to know your view on this vehicle so let me know down below in the comments while you’re there make sure to hit subscribe in the notification bell and as always thanks for watching chasing cars.

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