New Lexus IS 350 F Sports Car 2021

New Lexus IS 350 F Sports Car 2021

Introduction Of New Lexus IS 350 F Sports Car 2021

New Lexus IS 350 F Sports Car 2021. Here is a brilliant looking small luxury sedan this is the 2021 Lexus is 350f sport now it’s not a brand new car it’s a heavy facelift of the is that came before but as we’ll see in today’s video there are still heaps of things about this v6is that are easy to like when Lexus unveiled the 2021 version of the is there are certainly a few sad faces in the room.

When it was discovered that this vehicle is not on Toyota’s platform instead it retains the previous end platform that has been sitting under the is for quite some time now but the fundamental dynamics of the previous iteration of the is were still very good so it’s not something to be too sad about all it means is that inside the is there are one or two features that you’ll recognize from before and things like the engine lineup haven’t changed and we’ll discuss that.

When we take this is 350 for a drive now being the 350 this Lexus is still has a bit of a trump card over its german rivals which is that it’s the last car available in this segment with a naturally aspirated petrol v6 which gives this car a lovely smooth and quite old-school feel when you drive it as I mentioned upfront the change for the 2021 Lexus is a heavy facelift rather than an all-new model and so there’s plenty of elements of the cabin of this is-350f sport.

Discuss The Design Of Lexus IS 350 F

That reminds you of the car that came before however Lexus has taken a lot of feedback to heart and have incorporated a bunch of more modern technology into this interior thankfully though the exceptional build quality of the pre-facelift version has been retained and unlike some cars in this class that have come in for a midlife facelift and have somehow picked up rattles along the way the Lexus is not a vehicle like that everything is still screwed together incredibly well in this vehicle and there’s a sense of enduring quality in the cabin leading the technology changes for 2021.

However, is a new screen which has been brought forward in the dashboard and that’s important because it now has good touchscreen capability. After all, the Lexus remote touch trackpad continues to be a little frustrating certainly as an owner you would get used to it and you would understand how it works better but there’s no beating the simplicity of a touch screen particularly because Lexus has now built-in wired apple car play and android auto.

Which is much easier to use by touch than by trackpad so that’s nice even if Lexus’s integrated software is in dire need of an update in my opinion particularly now with touch the targets are just a little bit small if you’re not using a car play or android auto so that’s one thing in front of the driver we have what Lexus still refers to as the LFA style instrument cluster with a sliding main piece opening up to reveal contextual menus now it is still very cool of course the LFA is a decade old car now so it’s not exactly the most modern piece of technology but it will still wow you the first couple of times.

Seats Review Its Look Cool Lexus IS 350 F

You use it that’s for sure we’ve also then got very nice seats this car is quite conservatively specified inside just in black with sort of contrast grey stitching but the seat itself is supportive comfortable and on the driver’s side has lots of adjustment plus also memory for the driver and heated and cooled seats are standard at this level as is real leather, unlike the very base model, is which has Lexus’s kind of fake leather upholstery this is the real deal quality of the rest of the interior is also very nice lots of plush materials pretty much everywhere you touch and then also an attractive steering wheel.

The same wheel as the pre-facelift is no real change there we’ve still got these paddle shifters on the back perforated leather it’s a wheel as well which a lot of people prefer ergonomically as well the Lexus is is probably this brand’s best car because you sit low in the seat legs stretched out in front classic rear-wheel-drive sort of driving position steering wheel’s in just the right place gearshift is in just the right place the armrest isn’t adjustable but it doesn’t matter because your arm falls just at the right point so this car was well designed from the very start and that’s something that persists even though.

The underlying design of this is now certainly getting on in years and in terms of practicality we’ve got two big cupholders here we’ve got a decent armrest flock line two USB ports uh decent-sized door bins as well here in the door all right let’s have a look at the back seat where the story isn’t quite so generous here in the back of the is the fact that this is a substantial facelift and not an all-new model means that the same big compromises as the pre-facelift version of this car continue for 2021 and that’s that unlike the new-ish BMW 3 series the Mercedes-Benz c-class or the audio a4 the backseat of the is not.

Soft Material Use In Doors

What you’d call generous it’s more like an alfa Romeo Julia or a jaguar xc which are both particularly compact in the second row but the Lexus is in some ways is the worst offender six-footers can’t fit in the back without their head hitting the ceiling if they lean back and while legroom is quite alright sitting behind my driving position there’s no toe room to speak of there’s also a massive hump in the floor here in the center rendering this seat which is also a perch all but useless so really the Lexus is much much more about the two people sitting up front you’ve got this occasional back seat for people.

That you either don’t like very much or you’re just not going to use it particularly often but it’s not a car that would work very well for families and because Lexus has deleted or are about to delete the gs from their range it means there’s not a flexible four-door Lexus with the rear-wheel-drive because the es which is the front-drive isn’t going to be to everybody’s tastes but anyway I digress we do have air vents back here that’s good we’ve got an armrest.

Which flips down with cup holders incorporated into it we’ve also got the continuation of soft materials back here we have a little bit of storage in the doors but no bottle holders actually in this car heading around the back of the new is-350 and I will just comment that I love the looks of 2021 is design is always subjective but I reckon they pretty much nailed it with this heavy facelift good looking car nice sharp new tail lights full-length bar across here perhaps this black lip spoiler on the f sport is a little bit heavy-handed but it’s not too bad and this infrared color is a perfect demonstration.

Engine Capabilities And Depth Review

How lexus does paint super deep incredibly reflective just a really great looking color on this vehicle than with the boot release has been relocated to the middle we’ve got a competitive 480 liters of space in the is now it’s a typical sedan boot goes back pretty far doesn’t really have too many sort of extra bits of practicality to it no hooks or anything like that but you know it isn’t too bad and then beneath this boot floor here what we have is a space saver spare in the is.

So you do have a little bit of extra confidence if you’re going to take this car out on a country road but unfortunately unlike the c-class a4 and 3-series there isn’t a station wagon version available of this car which would be pretty cool so the updated is 350. what’s this to v6 holdout like to drive well you know what I like the is350 I’ve liked this generation of is as well and you know when I saw the facelift I thought oh it’s not an all-new car I mean Lexus had kind of been a bit cunning about that I suppose they sort of held out on the question of whether 2021 it would be.

New or just an update for a while but you know turns out a facelift and that’s because we think the next version of this car which is probably a 2023 2024 proposition will share some shared underpinnings being developed with Mazda but that’s not even close to being ready so still, on the end platform carryover engines, the experience behind the wheel is similar but not the same because fundamental parts of the are including the automatic gearbox has been retuned quite comprehensively and that does make a difference on the road but firstly a quick overview of the engines.

Speed And Sounds Review Of Lexus IS 350 F

There’s an is-300 base model 180 kilowatt 2-liter turbo direct competition for the Mercedes c300 BMW 330i then there’s a hybrid version two and a half liter atmo petrol four paired to an electric motor not one of Lexus and Toyota’s newest hybrids so it’s not one of their best hybrids but it certainly gets the job done but then there’s this one which is the only is I’d sort of strongly consider spending my money on because of its unique advantages over rivals this is the is350 three and a half liter naturally aspirated direct-injected v6 engine makes good power 232 kilowatts of power modest torque 380-newton meters.

That’s only a little bit more than turbocharged four-cylinder cars but it needs to be revved right out to make that torque thankfully when you do that the is-350 sounds good it’s a much more onerous experience than any of the turbo cars or turbo four-cylinder cars in this segment the Lexus has that classic laid-back petrol v6 soundtrack that is just really good to listen to so coming to a hill here just listen to that sounds good right it gives.

The ear something to enjoy as your kind of punting this sportily styled and sportily suspended is down a good road and I think the f sport is still a pretty smart is to go for I mean it’s not exactly a plush spec but yet the damping is really good on this car particularly the variable damping on this particular specification just left in normal ride rather than going to sport or sport plus I like the way the is-350 gets down the road soaks up imperfections well it is nice and plush it copes well with Australian roads concrete roads other things that European cars tend to fall apart on there’s a lot to like about.

The sort of demeanor of this car now fundamentally the eight-speed auto has also received the attention which is good because the shift logic kind of sucked after they rolled out the 8-speed auto into the is as a small update in the pre-facelift version and thankfully it’s now smarter it shifts up and down where it should take advantage of the unique character of the 350 engine and while I haven’t driven the is-300 turbo yet and I’m looking forward to doing.

Gearbox And Electrical Features

So the gearbox is now you know really good enough in the is350 that even though you have to work it a bit harder to find the torque the auto assists in that task so I don’t see it as too much of an issue for me the benchmark four-cylinder car in this segment is the BMW 330i which has a terrific zf8 speed that’s going to be hard for the is-300 to beat but none of the competitors have an engine like this like the is-350 they can all give you a six-cylinder.

But the six-cylinders is always sort of positioned as a sporty car you know there’s the m340i which is an m performance car which is a little stiffer than a 330i the Mercedes amg c43 is really quite stiff and then cars like the Audi s5 and s4 are really quite lovely but you know they’re fundamentally a bit more serious than this car if what you want is something laid back but still with a six-cylinder engine then Alex’s is 350 is firmly becoming quite a rare quite a nice solution in this class.

I can certainly see the appeal refinement levels are also excellent road noise is well-insulated wind noise is not there at all and the engine noise that is on offer is pleasant so I would say the refinement’s very good in this car visibility out is pretty good mirrors are large the view out the back window is pretty easy and Lexus have beefed up the safety technology proposition for 2021 quite a lot so we have junction and for example which was something.

Final Words

They didn’t need to put in the car because as a facelift it’ll carry over its previous and cap safety rating or previous safety rating wherever you are in the world, uh but you know the addition of modern safety technologies like junction and is certainly welcome it’s also got lane tracing assist I don’t think the Toyota motor corporation lane tracing assist is as good as say the Hyundai or genesis product but it’s not too bad blind-spot monitoring as well on this car rear cross-traffic alert adaptive cruise control and web as well as reversing aeb which is always good to see fitted to a car.

That’s my detailed opinion of the 2021 lexus is350f sport a car i’d still be quite happy to buy if what i was after in this segment was a really lusty old-school petrol v6 which is exactly what this vehicle delivers unlike its rivals where if you want to go to six cylinders usually you have to accept a pretty hard suspension and turbocharging as well but i’m keen to know your thoughts did lexus go far enough with the 2021 is were you hoping for an all-new car do you prefer the hybrid powertrain give me your thoughts down below and as always thanks for watching chasing cars.

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