New Honda CR-V 2021 In-depth Review

New Honda CR-V 2021 In-depth Review

Introduction Of New Honda CR-V 2021 In-depth Review

New Honda CR-V 2021 In-depth Review. The updated honda crv if you can tell this is a very subtle mid-life facelift as they tend to go in the car industry the crv was already a decent looking midsize SUV in my subjective opinion and I do think this update tidies it up a bit but you’ll need to be something of a cr-v fan to notice the changes here at the front end there’s kind of this lightly massaged nose cone there are some new paint colors some new alloy wheel designs and at the back, you’ll probably pick up on the smoked taillights.

Apart from that’s about it there’s been a couple of little feature bumps this car we’re looking at here is called the vti x which is a new grade but it really kind of just cobbles together bits and bobs from the old pre-facelift grades and it’s a decent car it’s a decent specification it’s 35 990 and as you can see we get an interior that mixes some sort of premium elements and some more mainstream elements that starts with these cloth seats for a while you’ll know that I’m a big fan of cloth seats they’re really good under the Australian sun better than leather in terms of keeping cool.

That being said if you’ve got kids they are harder to clean than leather if you want other seats you’ll have to step up to the vt il which is one rank above this car you do get leather on the steering wheel though and on the shifter below this car you get a plastic steering wheel which is a little bit ghetto I think in a mid-size SUV like this with a price closer to 40 than 30 but either way now the interior you’ll notice hasn’t changed a huge amount compared to the pre-facelift crv it’s still built around this 7-inch screen here with apple car play and android auto and this screen is now standard across the range the base car used to have a really small display we also have digital gauges ahead of you.

Seats Review

They can’t do all that much they can project a navigation direction which is good and some media info but there’s no putting a map there for example that being said it works perfectly fine as do the shortcut buttons on the steering wheel but one a stop the crv sleeve is that it’s very very practical so you have this modular center console down here you can move various portions out of the way really deep space down here you’ll be able to get wine bottles in there or you know handbag or something like that the armrest does tilt up and out of the way this whole piece here is removable we’ve got two big cup holders trey here ahead of those you can get wireless charging on higher grades and then the door bins themselves are pretty big too plus material quality is generally quite a high build quality is very good in the honda everything feels screwed together really nicely.

All in all, it’s inoffensive but what I would say is this is one of the most competitive segments in the market cars like the cx-5 the rav4 the Tiguan the kodiaq the new ford escape they’re all very good and this should be cross-shopped widely but on that note let’s have a look in the back seat and the back seat gets off to a good start because these doors open like 90 degrees so fitting a child’s seat or getting the kids organized in the back is going to be easy that’s especially the case because there’s lots of room here it’s a very very spacious midsize SUV in some grades you can get a really small third row which is a nice bit of extra practicality the vt-i-x is just a five-seater but a big one so for myself its six-foot headroom is really good legroom is incredibly generous toe room’s good there’s a flat floor.

You can easily get three people sitting across here in the back although it’s not the widest vehicle there’s two more fast charging old sized USB ports here in the back there are two air vents there’s a flip-down armrest with cup holders there’s a map pocket in both of the front seats about the only demerit I can give the crv here is that these materials shift back to being quite hard plastic in the second row but all in all, it’s a pretty comfortable SUV here in the back the boots pretty good too now I mentioned upfront the taillights are a little darker on the facelifted civ but otherwise, it’s quite hard to tell the difference from here around the back six is the cheapest grade to get a power tailgate.

Engine 1.5-Liter Turbocharged Four-Cylinder Petrol

Which is always a nice thing to have on a car like this when you’ve got your hands full it’s fairly prompt but the crv is great in that space or I should say the opening here in the tailgate is a big square and so is the actual boot itself it doesn’t go quite as far back as some other SUVs but the step-in height is really low as you can see here so you know you don’t have to lift your heavy stuff very high it’s flat and, underneath that floor, we have a full-sized spare wheel which is becoming very rare in the car industry now plus we have handles to lower those rear seats easily button here to close the door you can also use that button to set the height so if you park the car in a garage where the ceiling is quite low you can set the honda so it doesn’t bash the door every time which is always nice so with a look at the practicality over and done with let’s jump in the driver’s seat.

See how the facelifted cr-v fares so what’s the updated cr-v like to drive well much the same as it was before the facelift this is a very subtle update for 2021 I think they’ve tidied up the looks just nicely you know it’s only subtle it’s only minor but I do think it’s a better-looking SUV than it was before you know they’ve given it tiny spruce up inside few you know useful features like wireless charging on some models but otherwise it’s very much the same package as it was before now the car I’m driving here has the more desirable of the two available engines it’s a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and it’s quite a good unit actually despite being relatively low in terms of displacement it makes 140 kilowatts of power and 240-newton meters of torque and really for a car like this it’s adequate and those outputs are really kind of middle of the pack in terms of power and torque the turbo really helps it just means it produces.

1.5-Liter Turbo

That 240 newton-meters low in the rev range and so the crv with the 1.5 turbo feels pretty effortless around town and a good companion on the motorway as well it’s got enough muscularity to get along fine it’s certainly not fast you know if you’re already bowling along at 100 or 110 on a country road and you want to overtake you will need to plan your moment something like a Volkswagen Tiguan 2 liter turbo is going to be a lot quicker than this but it’s still a pretty good unit I reckon and it is worth upgrading to the 1.5-liter turbo from the base engine which is a two-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol making well a lot less power a lot less torque 118 kilowatts of power and 189-newton meters of torque and that torque is produced much higher in the rev range.

Which is that’s the problem it’s not so much the figure it’s the fact you got a rev for it now both engines are paired to a CVT auto uh it’s fine it totally gets the job done but it’s once again it’s the turbo that flatters that choice more because CVTs tend to be offensive mostly because they’re usually paired to naturally aspirated engines that you have to rev right out and then listen to a loud drone whereas with a turbo because that torque is low down the cbt doesn’t usually need to uh you know rev right out and then start making bad noises so it’s probably not as bad as you might expect in this version of the crv as for the ride and handling honda have gone inoffensive this is a brand which doesn’t have much of a clear character of its own anymore at least not in the product.

That they import into Australia which can be a real mixed bag so the crv doesn’t have a distinctly honda feel to it it just has a very straight down the line unremarkable character to the way it drives so it’s not bad I’m not criticizing it I’m just saying it it’s competent you know it’s unexciting but it’s competent the ride quality is pretty good probably top third for the segment soaks up bumps well we’ve got independent rear suspension it’s a decent suspension set up there isn’t much by way of firmness so it’s relatively soft but it’s not sickness-inducing or anything the control is still there now the steering is light and the ratio is slow so it’s less engaging steering than a Mazda cx-5 or a Toyota.

LCD Feature In Honda CR-V

It once again gets the job done perfectly fine the steering wheel itself is quite large uh but it feels nice the leather quality is good visibility out is also pretty good we’ve got really large mirrors which helps you can see out the back of the thing there’s no real sort of fussy design elements to it which is pretty good for a vehicle like this I think now refinement is decent it gets a little noisy at high speed on course chip a bit like the civic but not quite as bad and safety is impressive so they’ve given more variants more stuff in terms of safety tech this time around so we’ve got lane-centering we’ve got adaptive cruise and forward-collision warning blind-spot monitoring on up-spec variants rear cross-traffic alert and a reversing camera.

360-degree camera no blind-spot monitoring however honda instead uses a blind-spot camera for the left side called lane watch which then projects an image onto the screen down here uh and that works fine it would be really good though if they had two blind spot cameras a bit like the latest Hyundai and Kia products so that’s a detailed look at the updated honda Crv now this is a good mid-size SUV to buy if you want something really easy to live with and very spacious inside it’s really easy to carry passengers and cargo in this vehicle that said keen drivers we better place to look at some of this cars rivals in the market some offer more power it’s mostly just that this is a very comfortable and supple vehicle but it’s not that interested in being driven sportily but the question you have to ask is is that really what you want your mid-size family crossover to be about anyway well.

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