New Gorgeous Mazda 3 2021

New Gorgeous Mazda 3 2021

Introduction Of New Gorgeous Mazda 3 2021

New Gorgeous Mazda 3 2021. Mazda 3 is a rather tasty bit of kit now you guys came along with me a couple of weeks ago to check out how the Hyundai i30 compared against the Toyota corolla and a lot of you left comments saying that you would have loved to see a Mazda 3 in that comparison, unfortunately, we couldn’t get one in but we’ve got one here to test and I think if it wasn’t the comparison it might just have taken the king biscuit because this thing is wicked.

Now we’re going to do our usual thing in today’s video where we check out the interior and the practicalities and then take this thing out for a drive so stay tuned for that and if you have any comments about this car at any point let me know in the comment section down [Music] below now before we jump into the interior of the Mazda 3 I just want to talk a little bit about the exterior styling here because it’s a really attractive vehicle now when it was first launched there was a little bit of conjecture about the design specifically the rear three quarter.

Which does have a fair bit of visual bulk still but I think when you see them on the road they have a nice impact and it’s a great looking vehicle it’s set off by this lovely broad grille up the front here which then has these sort of tear ducts that link them into the led headlights on this astina model everything is pretty much blacked out including the rims and the grill which is to quite a few people’s tastes but as you’ll probably know it’s not exactly to my tastes you still do have a little bit of chrome brightwork on the exterior though which is a nice little touch now jumping into the interior of the Mazda 3 and to be honest it feels premium and it speaks to Mazda’s new renewed premium philosophy.

That they’re all about stepping out of a BMW into this sort of Mazda interior you don’t feel like you’ve taken a huge hit in terms of perceived quality you’ve got plenty of soft-touch fabric up here on the dashboard nice soft plastics and even on the door tops you’ve got a leather armrest here and a nice padded door card so it all feels nice and pleasant the steering wheel to is covered in really creamy leather and it’s a perfect size and I reckon just about the perfect diameter.

So they’ve nailed all of those sorts of touchpoints in the Mazda 3. as for build quality it’s still pretty solid as well there’s nothing in here that moves around or shifts as you’re up on on the move and it all feels like it’s solid and is going to last for a little while now the problem that we have with the mazda3 is the lack of touchscreen I don’t mind the fact that it’s a non-touchscreen system but it when you’re interfacing with the wired apple car play or android auto stuff it’s nice sometimes to have that touch button so you can easily get a shortcut so with this rotary controller it works great with Mazda’s infotainment system.

Which is nice and snappy and has good navigation and the 8.8-inch screen here is crisp and high quality to look at it’s just would be nice to have the option sometimes I know that’s a bit of a nitpick but hey that’s what this is all about now in front of me here I’ve got a mix of analog and digital dials I feel like they could have pushed this a little bit further the seven-inch digital screen does a really good job of imitating an analog set of dials but there’s not that much more information you can get then if you just had a 4.2-inch TFT screen that said the general feeling in this cockpit as I mentioned before is super high quality and you do get super nice comfy leather seats here with electric to adjust for the driver.

But manual adjust for the passenger only they’ve got heating as well and a memory function too so all in all the front cabin is a nice place to be and you get a decent view out and yeah it’s a feels more premium even than the 43 000 asking price so let’s jump into the back seat because this has historically been this car’s weak point but as you can probably see space back here is pretty tight now behind my driving position again I’m six foot two so it’s a pretty rare case scenario where you’d have a tall person in the front and the back at the same time with this glass sunroof.

Which is only available on this g25 extend my headroom is pretty compromised my head’s right up against the ceiling although it’s not touching if I just relax my body a little bit my knees are also right up against the seat in my driving position at least the seatback is nice and soft and toe room is pretty compromised so it’s not a great place to be for long distances if you’re a tall guy like me you do get some adjustable air vents back here which is a nice little touch and the soft-touch materials continue in the back here as does the comfy leather you’ve got a nice sort of firm squab with good support but the middle seat is a pretty significant perch back here so combined with the high transmission tunnel.

It’s not a great place for five you’d struggle in fact to fit five people back here so best kept to four or just a couple and some stuff in the boot and you’ve also got this rather nice armrest it’s nice and broad and you’ve got two little cup holders that hold bottles in really nicely so all in all the back cabin is a place you don’t want to spend a huge amount of time in the mazda3 but it does the job when you need it to now pop in the boot of this sterner I love the rear end of this Mazda 3. just want to make a little bit of a point of that these led tail lights are nicely designed and quite intricate when you look at them up close so I implore you to do.

So now the boot itself much like the rear seat isn’t particularly practical you’ve got 295 liters of cargo space here and you’ve got a pretty significant load loop as for amenities and another sort of niceties you don’t get any luggage nets or nets off to the side to store anything and under the boot floor you do only get a space-saver spare tire and the stuff you need to change it so no full-size tire not great for country buyers before we close the boot though you do have this added little nicety of being able to lock the car as you pull the boot down which not all cars in this segment have and it’s nice when you grab your stuff out after you’ve driven home from work or headed off to your destination.

You can just lock it and walk straight away from the car so without further ado let’s take this Mazda 3 out for a spin on the road so we’re out on the road in the Mazda 3 and what’s it like well really good it’s always been the Mazda’s strong suit is a nice driving experience backed up by a pretty strong naturally aspirated engine and it’s the same in this car so upfront we’ve got a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine and that kicks out outputs of 139 kilowatts and 252-newton meters which are pretty decent to motivate this car’s weight it feels nice and well-matched without being overly sporty.

You can also get a 2 liter naturally aspirated engine at the lower end of this range that kicks out 114 kilowatts and 200-newton-meters if you can go for the 2.5 liters I would say do it because you just get that little extra punch and it’s a nice alternative to the usual selection of 1.6 liter or downsized turbocharged engines it’s got a very different character to it you’ve got to rev it out a little bit harder to get what you need out of it and that’s quite pleasant and that kind of pervades the rest of the master experience if you drive it slowly and relaxed you get a nice quite premium-feeling cockpit and it’s a car that feels more refined than you’d expect it to certainly more refined than.

Previous generation cars and the harder you push it the better it steps up to the challenge uh just a quick note on fuel consumption as well during our week of testing we’ve returned 8.8 liters per 100 kilometers with a good combination of country road driving and urban driving on our country road test loop it was about 7.2 liters per hundred kilometers so respectable nothing crazy bad because you’ve got a bigger naturally aspirated engine interestingly the 2.5-liter lists as having lower fuel consumption than the 2-liter so there you go now onto the chassis of the Mazda 3 and this is probably its best attribute it’s comfortable for my tastes now it’s a little bit firmer than a lot of the other cars out there.

So cars like the hinde i-30 and Toyota corolla and Volkswagen golf are softer a little bit plusher in this car I’d say but the master’s trade-off is that it has a beguiling driving experience to it so you’ve got a lot of throttle adjustability it feels crisp on turn-in and you can enjoy it on a backcountry road there’s also even plenty of off-throttle adjustability so you can lift off the mid-corner and get the car rotated and do what you like with it so for me that means that this is probably the best of the bunch certainly the best driving of the punch and as I said I’ll usually tolerate a slightly firmer ride with the advent of better handling.

Now, this isn’t ridiculously firm the 18-inch wheels certainly add a little bit of harshness to it around town but it never gets too crashy it never becomes unpleasant and overly stiff as you would expect from something like a performance car it’s definitely not that and I do think there’s a little bit of a ceiling left in this car to add a performance variant so take this engine and do what Mazda did to the MX-5 2-liter engine make it a little bit more revvy a little bit zingier at the top end and you could have a fun little hot hatch in this car with a little tweaking of anti-roll bars and all that sort of stuff and if you’re watching from us you’re probably aware that Mazda sells this car with a 2.5-liter turbo engine.

That’s also found in the cx-9 here in Australia we don’t get that here, unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like we’re going to at least for a little while either and well I don’t think it’s necessary I think this engine as a naturally aspirated unit with a little bit more oomph and a little bit more verve could make a fun little hot hatch that was different to the rest of the competitors but you can let me know what you think of that in the comment section down below now one of the biggest complaints of all other Mazda 3’s has been the NVH again like we found out.

When we first reviewed this vehicle when it was launched that’s pretty much fixed in this car it’s better than most of its rivals certainly most of its more affordable rivals perhaps not as good as it could be there’s still a little bit of trim rattle you hear on uh harsh surfaces like over bigger bumps and that sort of stuff you can feel some trim pieces just moving a little bit but on the whole, it’s a really impressive car the road noise is well suppressed and if you need to you can turn this bose stereo up pretty loud and it’s it’s a pretty bump and piece of kit.

You’ve even got a subwoofer stuck in the middle of the space over the spare tire in the rear of its car which I think is pretty hilarious it’s very market but very nicely OEM lee integrated as for safety features the mazda3 is pretty well loaded so from the bottom of the range you get adaptive cruise control you get blind-spot monitoring and you get front and rear and with pedestrian and cyclist detection and seven airbags now, of course, you get a five-star hand cap safety rating but you can add a little bit on top to the bolster.

The Mazda 3 specification so you can go for the vision package it’s about fifteen hundred dollars and that adds uh adapted cruise control with stop and go and a couple of other niceties including a 360-degree parking camera which helps maneuver this car around the city because the rear three-quarter vision isn’t exactly amazing but you’ve got to spend an extra 1500 across the range to get that except on this astina which comes with that gratis and then we’ve got to talk about the gearboxes that are linked up to this 2.5-liter engine so we’ve got the six-speed automatic here which is pretty decent when left to its own devices at speed it’s nice and smooth and shifts between.

The ratios nicely you’ve got a little sport button that primes it a bit better and selects lower ratios by default you can swap that back off again and you’ve also got paddles on the back of the steering wheel that works rather nicely and it obeys your commands very well that said the automatic gearbox is a 1 000 option and I happen to think Mazda’s manual gearboxes are sweet things so if you can drive a manual I think this drivetrain would interface very nicely indeed with the six-speed manual box and you’ll save an extra thousand dollars so what do we think of this Mazda 3 g25 astina well the 2.5-liter engine is a nice alternative to the general sort of turbocharged engines.

That you’d usually get on a more powerful version of a small hatchback and we like the torquiness and the consistent fuel economy you get out of it however we think that probably the astina is pretty rich so 43 grand here on the road in australia we’d probably step down to the gt or even to the g25 evolve and just really enjoy the car because it handles so well and you get pretty much everything you need at least on the gt but of course we’d love to know your thoughts about the mazda3 in the comments section down below if you like the look of this car or perhaps you don’t or you think the other rivals do it better.

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