New Car Peugeot 308 2021| New Experience

New Car Peugeot 308 2021| New Experience

Introduction Of New Car Peugeot 308 2021| New Experience

New Car Peugeot 308 2021| New Experience. The Peugeot 308 has never been a massively strong seller in Australia at least into form and that’s a shame because as we found out before this is a really solid small car in France’s Volkswagen golf if you like and as we’ll see.

It has a really good interior that has stood up to the test of time the exterior design I think is still looking pretty tidy and the driving dynamics are quite special largely thanks to this vehicle being very lightweight which means that even though it has quite a modest 96-kilowatt turbo three-cylinder engine it gets along pretty strongly.

However unfortunately you can no longer get a truly hot version of the 308 there used to be a gt and gti here in Australia hot and hotter versions respectively they’re both now dead this is as good as it gets the gt line which is dressed up like the old gt same wheels same sort of quasi sports body kit outside that three-cylinder engine not that that’s anything massive to complain concerning as we’ll find out when we get behind the wheel.

Now quite a few years old the Peugeot 308 interior I think is aging very well it’s certainly not as flash as some new hatchbacks like the Mazda 3 but the most important thing is it’s very well built and the materials used in here are much nicer than most of this vehicle’s rivals the quality of this vehicle.

Design Choice Of Peugeot 308

As a whole is excellent and I think it’s reflected in the fact that Peugeot and PSA as a whole have skyrocketed up quality and reliability lists in the last decade these are good cars and that’s what it feels like here in the cabin that being said you know this is a trope that has been in every Peugeot 308 review for the best part of 10 years, uh there are some design choices in here that you’ll either like or you’ll hate they start with the Peugeot eye cockpit this is.

One of the first cars that Peugeot made with this style of interior design that places the dials up here the steering wheel lower and smaller than what you probably expect and it will either work for you or not there are two very distinct camps personally I love it but I usually have the steering wheel in a car at the lowest it will go if you’re not like that if you like your steering wheel up here for whatever reason that’s fine then this setup won’t work for you because the steering will be blocking the display the speedo the digital speedo the taco etc.

Sporty Steering Wheel Of Peugeot 308

But if you’re like me you like a lower set steering wheel there’s no problem it works very well speaking of that wheel it is tiny it’s tiny it amplifies your steering inputs um it makes the car feel sportier than it is in the actual design of it is dated um it’s kind of got this square perforation thing going on that’s replicated on the door grabs as well that looks a bit the early 2010s to me but the functionality of it is.

Apart from the very old-school cruise control stalk that feels like something from 25 years ago the dials themselves are very clear there is a reverse sweep taco, not everyone likes that but the center screen where the digital speedo is found is extremely clear and good and that brings me across to the 308 touchscreens here in the center it’s the high resolution it’s crisp the software itself is reasonably intuitive the problem is this is one of the first cars to commit the scene of burying climate controls in the touchscreen including fan and temperature that’s a bit of a pain.

USB Sport In For Music In Peugeot 308

That in itself wouldn’t be a problem if the screen wasn’t quite laggy which it is that’s something I’ll be looking forward to on the next 308. it’s not a deal-breaker for me you do get used to it like anything but it would be nicer if there were dials I know I sound like a bit of a broken record on that later but I say it for a reason now the seats I like a good fabric seat and that’s what we’ve got here the bolsters are quite tall for the gt line.

It holds you in nicely and this chassis is capable of some pretty good things you want to be held in by this car and you are the adjustment’s manual but we do have stuff like a scroll wheel for one of a better word for the backrest you can get into a good driving position same thing for the lumbar that goes in and out and you have a good supportive seat for long drives as well now storage acceptable no wireless charging it’s you know it’s getting old now this car here is a tray ahead of the shifter but it’s pretty small there is one USB port between the seats.

Back Seats Review

We have a shallow-ish bin it is flock lined we’ve got a cup holder you get one cup holder and then the door bins are pretty big you’ve got a big bottle in there they’re not flock lined though they are designed for a water bottle upfront this car is good and it would be remiss of me not to mention the fact there are soft-touch materials everywhere it’s quite expensively made and on the whole you know it’s a nice place to be let’s check out the back seat now the back of the Peugeot 308 is acceptable rather than spacious it’s about as roomy as a goal for you know a little bit more spacious.

Then a Mazda 3 back here but it’s probably not going to be your family car that said as a second car it’s perfectly good enough or if you’re not going to put people in the back then very much then this will be all you need headroom, you’ve got about an inch this car does have the long panoramic roof however which eats into headspace leg room another inch toe room fairly constricted the middle seat here it’s doable it’s a bit of a perch but the floor is fairly flat you could get five people into this car if you had to what’s worth considering though is that the 308 also comes as a station wagon.

big boot 470 liters

If you need more space and you like the vibe of this car then you can get the wagon which is a nice option to have down here between the seats we’ve got a little cubby one more USB port bringing the total for the car to two the armrest does fold down we’ve got two cup holders there which is nice to have there’s also a pass-through to the boot area of the car what we don’t have is air vents in the back lots of cars in this segment now have those as standard but unlike many of those cars, the pug does have quality plush materials in the second row which is certainly a nice to have heading around the back of the Peugeot 308 still a good looking car in my opinion they knew.

When to put the pencil down which isn’t always the case in this class and underneath this manual tailgate there are a big boot 470 liters put in my new branded suitcases nice little addition that’s about 90 liters up on the Volkswagen golf much bigger than a Toyota corolla bigger than a Mazda 3 it’s quite a practical hatchback still one of the best in the class the boot itself is quite deep that’s how it gets the job done why is it deep because the 308 has a torsion beam rear suspension which takes up much less space than.

Peugeot Is Better Thank Carolla Toyota

The multi-link independent rear suspension you get on cars like the golf and the corolla and you can see that Peugeot has made the most of that advantage here there’s also a strap on the left side of the boot not very much on this site and then underneath the boot floor, we do have a space-saver spare as well which gives the 308 a little bit better-touring capability although it’s not a full-size spare good cargo blind here that your delicate and expensive stuff is not on show at all times and the tailgate itself is very easy to close quite assisted now that’s out of the way.

Let’s jump into the driver’s seat and see whether the turbo triple under the bonnet of this car is enough what’s the Peugeot 308 like to drive well I’ve driven this car a fair bit over its life and each time I get back into it I’m reminded of what makes this car great well there’s not one thing although there is one main thing and that’s that the 308 is much lighter than most rivals and that gives the car many benefits.

The first one naturally is that it feels agile like when you turn it into a corner the 308 feels much more lively and light at the front end than a Volkswagen golf a Mazda 3 a Toyota corolla you kind of can’t imagine it until you drive one of these things it feels light that you know it feels like a car from the class below like you know a Volkswagen polo or a Toyota Yaris or something like that the 308 is lighter than some of those hatchbacks that are considerably smaller than this car there’s that but being light also means.

Three-cylinder engine

That the suspension doesn’t have to work quite as hard to contain this car’s motions going up and down it is light on its feet, of course, there’s also a fuel consumption benefit and the fact that the 308 gt line consumes officially five liters per hundred k’s on the combined cycle is evidence of that in the real world you’ll be able to get it into the high sixes in real driving without too much effort.

This is pretty good for this class probably about a liter per 100k is better than golf for example that being said the 308 is down on displacement compared to most of its rivals we’ve got a 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine here producing 96 kilowatts of power and 230-newton meters of torque Now that’s quite a lot of torque for a three-cylinder engine and torques is what you get out of this motor and unless your kind of you to know upon your differences between three and four-cylinder engines a lot of the time you’ll think that the 308 doesn’t have any deficiency compared to a four-cylinder car, in particular, it feels considerably faster than naturally aspirated four-cylinder cars in this segment like the Mazda 3.

The Toyota Corolla or the Hyundai i30 night and day it pulls away easily riding a wave of turbo fed torque and the fact that the power figure doesn’t break triple digits isn’t a problem because once again we keep coming back to that lightweight the 308 doesn’t need as much power as some of its rivals it gets along very well PSA’s three-cylinder engine that’s in this car has been world engine of the year quite.

Turbo 4 Have 150 to 200 Kilowatts

A few times not in the last year or two but before that it was on a real run it is a tried and tested and high scoring unit and also Peugeot makes a more refined three-cylinder than Volkswagen do it’s both quieter in the cabin it’s better sounding and there’s also less vibration and harshness evident and it’s a good unit very convincing.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about that now you used to be able to get four-cylinder motors in the 308 in Australia there was a 1.6-liter turbo 4 that made 150 kilowatts in the gt and then 200 kilowatts in the gti and they were both awesome very sad that they’re not available anymore but it’s a European emissions regulations problem.

That one hope we see some kind of sporty 308 return in the next generation of this car and there is going to be a new generation 308 revealed very soon probably not long after this before depending on how lucky or unlucky I am the new 308 will be seen but I think what’s impressive is how well this previous generation or outgoing generation of the car has fared it still feels deeply competitive with most of the vehicles in this set better than most of them.

Final Words

I would say in terms of ride and handling in terms of engine refinement and efficiency and also you know the packaging is pretty good too I’ve already mentioned that you know the car only has one cup holder for example which is something to you know kind of laugh at lazily but the actual packaging here is good I find the seats very comfortable I like Peugeot’s eye cockpit cabin.

But I think you do have to be the kind of person that likes their steering wheel relatively low as a rule I think if you want your wheel high then this driving position won’t work for you but the car is good now obviously on the safety front certain things are missing a true lane-centering isn’t available on the 308 but we do have blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic for example and we’ve got ford’s autonomous emergency braking as well so you’ve got a little bit of technology there but it is the last generation product as far as the safety suite is concerned but that’s the only area that the Peugeot 308 feels the last generation.

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