New Car Of Hyundai Tucson N Line 2021

New Car Of Hyundai Tucson N Line 2021

Introduction Of New Car Of Hyundai Tucson N Line 2021

New Car Of Hyundai Tucson N Line 2021. Static fashion at that point the jury was still out about whether there would be an inline variant and whether hybrids would come to Australia and we now have the answers to those questions and my right shoulder is the end line that is coming and you can get the end line treatment on every single model in the three strong Tucson lineup.

As for hybrids, they’re not going to be coming to Australia as yet and if the comment threat on our last Tucson reveals articles is anything to go off that’s going to be something of a disappointment however that’s largely where the disappointment stops because the new Tucson is a cohesive product and a solid improvement from the outgoing version as we’ll see in today’s article the exterior design is a lot bolder and you’ll either love it or you won’t and the interior is seriously impressive and aims to set a new benchmark for the medium suv class here in Australia and as for the driving dynamics well.

Screen Seats And Steering Wheel Review

We’ll be driving this end line here on track away from public roads because this is a late-stage engineering prototype that Hyundai Australia have been finalizing specifications and suspension tuning for so we’ll talk about how it drives later in today’s article this is our second look at the interior of the new Hyundai Tucson and it basically couldn’t be any more different from the vehicle.

That it replaces the outgoing Tucson was very conventional inside nothing wrong with it the quality was there and the technology was okay but this vehicle does take a real leap forward in terms of just how futuristic and progressive the interior feels that starts with the fact we’ve got two big bright crisp 10 and quarter-inch screens now this particular vehicle I’m sitting in is a highlander with the n line package there are a couple of wrong spec items about this car.

Because it is a development vehicle but that’s basically what we’re sitting in there’ll be a three-pronged Tucson lineup when the car launches in Australia later in 2021 the base car is now just called Tucson the middle spec car is the elite and this is the top-spec highlander but interestingly Hyundai will let you option the n line package on any of those three vehicles so you can dress up a base model as an end line if you want to most manufacturers if you want to buy the sporty pack.

You have to buy the top of the range trim as well so that’s quite an interesting advantage for the Tucson and the endline package gives you things like these leather and suede seats with red highlights an end line steering wheel with a little end badge down the bottom here and plenty of other red trim pieces throughout the interior as well but if you don’t go for an end line you get a slightly more traditional interior you can also option a light gray interior on the highlander or even a brown.

Touchscreen Apple Car And Android Features Hyundai Tucson N Line

Which is nice the other cars in the lineup just have black trim now the layout is pretty good you have this big slate console here in the middle with your touchscreen for navigation wired apple car play and android auto at this time dav digital radio but you have all of these touch-sensitive buttons so perhaps not quite as superior as a physical button you are going to be having to wipe off fingerprints.

It’s still good to have an actual control for all of your climate and also shortcuts for the infotainment system and then ahead of you behind this steering wheel you have a digital instrument cluster on the higher models and that looks pretty cool you can’t put a map there but it’s still you know got cool crisp graphics to it the steering wheel this is shared with the new sonata it’s a new piece for Hyundai and I think it looks really good nice little airbag cover shortcut keys here and we’ve got multi-spoke design paddle shifters and red stitching on this end line the leather is soft and the steering wheel is quite small.

It feels good in the hand too down here we’ve got shift by wire only the base model has a physical gear stick and then we’ve got controls for your heated and ventilated seats 360-degree parking camera and on this car also a heated steering wheel which is quite nice and the seats themselves are shapely supportive the driving position is quite high but that’s what you want from a medium suv and in terms of practicality.

Two USB Ports In Hyundai Tucson N Line

We’ve got bottle holders in the doors big cupholders here to tray between the seats big tray here with wireless charging and two USB ports as well of the Tucson at the end of last year you’ll remember that Australia is only getting the long-wheelbase version of this new car over in Europe there is a short wheelbase this is the long-wheelbase as I mentioned this is also the end line so an interesting trim but the main thing is that here in the back the amount of room on offer is generous.

For myself, it’s six-foot I’ve got heaps of headroom I mentioned this car is a slightly weird spec because it’s a development vehicle we don’t have the sunroof on this vehicle which means I’ve got slightly more headroom than I normally would but it’s still massive legroom behind my driving position is huge and tow room is also fine plus you could get a third person in the center if you had to it’s not too much of a perch in terms of amenities.

We’ve got a flip-down armrest if I give a bit of elbow grease two cup holders their air vents two USB ports for the back as well map pockets on the back of each seat those funny controls Hyundai puts on the passenger seat to move that out of the way one thing I would say though is while all the materials in the front seat are soft and yielding we do revert to hard plastic here in the second row of the new Tucson but interestingly while Australia gets the long-wheelbase Tucson.

Talk About Specification

That doesn’t mean that Hyundai has crammed the third row into the back like honda do with the crv or Nissan does with the x-trail or dan drover do with the discovery sport instead if you’re wanting a seven-seat Hyundai suv you’ll need to step up to the Santa Fe which is a class above this or the palisade which has eight seats above the Santa Fe all right let’s take a look in the boot heading around the back of the new Tucson I reckon this is the sharpest angle of this new midsize suv.

I think it’s a really good looking car that said it is bold so whether or not you like it is a subjective thing I think the end line gives it a few nice points just kind of hardens the image a little bit and this color is amazon gray kind of a green-gray and I think it works well cool Hyundai badges integrated into the glass there as I smear some water around because as you can tell it uh is now starting to rain that’s it’s a suv that’s.

What it’s all about power tailgate opens up pretty promptly to reveal a big boot now we don’t have final via literate for the 2021 Tucson it’s been rated around 616 liters overseas but I’ll wait until we get a final number for Australia but it’s certainly a good size nice and square no load lip not too high off the ground so lifting stuff into it isn’t going to be too difficult.

Engine Review And Capabilities Hyundai Tucson N Line

We’ve also got a nice thick quality cargo cover there a 12-volt socket on the left side remote releases for dropping the back seats and then underneath this hard cargo floor, we have a full-size spare as well which is going to make the Tucson pretty convenient for country touring in Australia a couple of beeps boot drops down we don’t have a control on the door to simply lock the car so you have to do that from the remote or one of the front doors but we can jump in and take this new Tucson for a drive.

What’s the new Tucson like to drive well we’ve brought this new n-line variant here to a private road and track south of Sydney so that we can get a feel for the car ahead of its launch now this one isn’t quite finished yet there’s still some validation work to do on this Tucson but it gives us a pretty good example of what the finished product is going to be like and we know that there are three engines for this car and the lineup is returning from the outgoing version.

You can get a two-liter naturally aspirated petrol four-cylinder you can get 1.6-liter turbo petrol or you can get a 2-liter turbo-diesel now all three of the engines are new smart stream revisions of the previous format of motors but the changes are fairly minimal there are some slight changes to the outputs slightly better fuel economy is expected although we don’t have final numbers on that yet now on the base Tucson you’ll no longer be able to option the diesel engine.

Which you used to be able to do so the base car will only be available with a 2-liter naturally aspirated petrol making 115 kilowatts of power and 195-newton meters of torque feeding that torque through to a six-speed automatic gearbox to the front wheels only on the other models the elite and the highlander remember that’s separate to the n-line option pack that you can add to any variant the 2-liter atmo 4 will be standard.

Engine Power

You’ll be able to option the 1.6-liter turbo or the 2-liter turbo diesel now I’m driving the turbo petrol at the moment the figures have been bumped ever so slightly to 132 kilowatts of power and 265-newton meters of torque and as before it’s not especially fast you know it’s slightly warm but it’s just competitive with the Volkswagen t1 132 kilowatts turbocharged engine which feels quite similar.

However, the Hyundai is down on torque by in the water of about 55-newton meters compared to that car and you can certainly feel that deficiency it just needs to work a little bit harder for the same kinds of results as the Tiguan but on the most part it’s you know it’s a perfectly sufficient engine for this car and a nice upgrade from the 2-liter atmo 4. the gearbox continues to be a 7-speed dry clutch dct auto however it has been refined a little bit in this car.

I think it behaves itself a little bit better stays out of your way most of the time and when you engage the sport drive mode it actually downshifts really proactively and intelligently it’s quite a nice gearbox however the 2-liter diesel continues to be the engine that I think I’ll be recommending when I get the opportunity to drive the whole range and that engine has benefited from quite a significant change in smart stream form it now makes 137 kilowatts of power.

Slightly up on power but torque is up to 416-newton meters making it by far the most muscular Tucson engine and that car also get an eight-speed torque converter automatic gearbox uh which on the previous Tucson was the nicest combination of the whole lot and I should mention both the turbo petrol and the turbo-diesel have all-wheel drive now as you can probably see it’s quite wet and slick out here today and they all drive system on the 1.6-liter turbo.

Final Words About Hyundai Tucson N Line

Which is shared with the diesel does a really good job of apportioning talk proactively reading the slipperiness of the conditions out there and there haven’t been any talks here at all on this car today and that would be easy to pick up because this particular development car is on necks and tires even on the inline trim here with 19-inch wheels that’s very likely to be changed for the production version of the car.

Which is likely to get continental or Michelin tires on the end line and probably on the highlander variant as well without the end line treatment but you know even on these uh less expensive tires grip levels were pretty decent and that’s because the Tucson or the new Tucson has quite a lot of mechanical grip in the chassis it doesn’t roll much and that’s a characteristic that has changed from the outgoing car the body stays fairly flat.

When you’re starting to corner with a little bit more force now obviously we weren’t going completely all out today at the end of the day this is just a mid-size suv and not even one that’s designed to be especially sporty at that but it certainly feels to me like the Tucson has some quite rewarding dynamics the steering is completely different to the outgoing version it’s faster than the old Tucson so you turn in as I’m doing now and you just get an immediate response from the front wheels it’s quite crisp it’s perhaps not quite as crisp as a Mazda cx-5 but it’s certainly not far off.

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