New Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglie Car 2021

New Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglie Car 2021

Introduction Of New Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglie Car 2021

New Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglie Car 2021. I’m going to explain exactly why if I had about 150 grand to blow on a compact sports sedan it wouldn’t be an image c63 it wouldn’t be an m3 I reckon it’d be one of these with me today is the refreshed 2021 alfa Romeo Julia quadrifoglio and if you can’t tell it’s the updated model from the outside.

That’s fine because the changes are very subtle there are almost no changes under the skin either. After all, what alfa Romeo concentrated on was our biggest problem with the car as it initially hit the market and that was interior fit and finish put simply Julia’s cabin is an attractive place but it wasn’t screwed together quite as well as key rivals from BMW Mercedes amg or Audi and that’s exactly what the changes are designed to rectify for 2021.

Engine Depth Review

Whether or not that interior is a more livable place and that is important when you’re spending over six figures on any car but particularly one that’s designed to do double duty both as a super sedan but also something that you can put your colleagues or mother-in-law into and they won’t really know what it’s all about and then, of course, we’ll take the Julia quadrifoglio for a drive and remind ourselves of exactly why this super sedan is so brilliant partially it’s about the engine a 2.9-liter twin-turbo v6.

That makes 375 kilowatts of power and sends it straight to the rear wheels but partially it’s about just how beautifully damped the Giulia quadrifoglio is making it a perfect partner for Australian backroads and more livable than an amg c63 day-to-day but before we get to that point we’re going to jump into the cabin and jumping inside the Juilliard quadrifoglio.

We get to see exactly what Alfred mayor was talking about when they said they focused the improvements for 2021 on better fit and finish and interior construction broadly the design here is pretty much the same as the pre-facelift car and that’s okay because I quite like the way the Julia looks and is laid out inside it’s quite logical we’ve got physical controls for things you’d want it for like the fan temperature to control the screen here volume and of course the drive modes.

We’ve got a good smattering of controls on the steering wheel without putting too much in there like the amg c63 but there are still modern technology two good screens yes it’s not as involved as an Audi rs4 but I think they’ve got it to a good level where the technology isn’t sorted of taking over the whole experience but what this is all about is this no movement these controls here the damping is much nicer than.

Controls Review And Opinion For Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglie

Before they’ve made it heavier this control, in particular, the rotary dial that controls this screen here was horrible before it just felt cheap like something you’d ordered off eBay it now finally has decent weighting same with the drive mode switch the volume still a bit not as nice as an Audi one but it’s a little better so all in all it’s just about these things that you touch all the time being nicer gear shifter as well steering wheel is still a really lovely piece.

However, this car which is essentially a base Julia quadrifoglio is seven grand cheaper than it was last year and that’s despite the improvements you get but it means this particular example isn’t optioned up to the max with performance parts outside or in so we don’t have the carbon-ceramic brakes, for example, we don’t have the Sparco racing bucket seats and we don’t have the carbon steering wheel and all of that is exactly what I want because the Julia is totally fine by default.

We have this nice leather steering wheel that still gets little Alcantara inserts just where you’d want them but most of the time you’re sort of touching the leather as opposed to the Alcantara we do have the engine start-stop switch on the steering wheel that sparked a total revolution in the industry you see them on mgs now but alpha was kind of the first to reboot.

Gearbox And Digital Features Of Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglie

That concept and then absolutely luscious paddle shifters very early on you could get a left-hand drive Julia quadrifoglio with a manual that stopped pretty quickly it’s now auto only but thankfully the paddles are good and the ZF gearbox is snappy as we’ll find out in a sec lovely analog gauges with a square digital screen digital speedo between them this screen here has new software it’s absolutely fine it works exactly as you would expect nice rotary control for it the navigation looks good the audio sounds good through the Harman Kardon speakers the phone call quality is fine.

So it’s exactly what you would need in a car like this and then the standard seats in the Julia beefy bolsters but the seat itself isn’t too tight so I think it will actually accommodate a range of sizes and thankfully finally for an alpha we have extendable uh thigh support so if you’ve got longer legs the seat isn’t going to be too bad otherwise material quality is very nice we’ve got leather up here on the dashed green and white stitching very cool leather on the doors as well leather pretty much.

Everywhere real carbon fiber is the trim in this car it is real so we’ll accept it and in terms of other practicality we’ve got a new wireless device charger here a bit of storage usb c port, two old-style usb ports big cup holders and a tray ahead of those two all right let’s take a look in the back look if you’re gonna buy a quadrifoglio for the family you’re probably gonna go for the Stelvio quadrifoglio which is the crossover version of this car but the good news is that.

If you want the sedan and I congratulate you for doing so the back seat is perfectly serviceable for two adults I wouldn’t bother trying to fit a third in because the hump in the floor is enormous and the roofline isn’t that high but uh contain yourself to thinking of it as a four-seater and you’ll be all the money so for me at six foot sitting behind my driving position headroom I’ve got about an inch legroom I’ve got some tow rooms pretty tight.

Doors review

Because this is a big beefy seat and I’ve got it on the deck but you could live with it you could get a couple of people back here it’d bet okay the same upholstery continues up front so we’ve got leather and Alcantara same nice stitching so you don’t get shortchanged in the back same leather finishing up here on the top of the door and we’ve got air vents we’ve got heating for the outboard seats and two more usb ports bringing the total for the car to five.

Which is pretty generous and then another bottle holder in the doors and mount pockets in both seats so practicality wise it’s really hard to count against the Julia quadrifoglio and then we do have a flip-down armrest here we’ve got two cup holders as well so you’re pretty well stocked in the back of this thing jumping back outside the Julia and here around the back, of course, the business end of where this car does it’s driving.

Just finishes it off beautifully with its pumped haunches and of course, just a few quiet additions in fact if you’re not an l50 I don’t think you’re going to know exactly what this car is it’s got a bit of an element of a cue card to it of course if you buy it in alpha read it’s going to catch more attention but this car is available in a nice palette of colors and I think it even carries off the basic alpha white well just looking for those uh four-leaf clovers there on the front flanks.

Now the quadrifoglio picks up this carbon spoiler here lip spoiler real carbon and then down the bottom a pronounced diffuser with quad tailpipes they tell you that this thing has got a bit of power running through it and of course that would be right and then we have not a power tailgate but an easy release tailgate here opening up to reveal 480-liter boots which are directly comparable with what you’re going to get from Mercedes BMW and not audi at this point.

Wheels Battery And Mechanical Mechanism Review

Because of course, Audi’s flagship sports car of this size is the rs4 which is a wagon only you can buy an rs5 Sportback which is a large hatchback but there’s no traditional rs4 sedan nor is there a Julia quadrifoglio wagon sadly even though amg do a c63 wagon BMW will now be doing an m3 touring alfa Romeo decided not to do an estate car version of the Julia q and I wish they did that being said the Stelvio quadrifoglio is that car and as I discovered.

When I took it for a hard drive maybe a year or two ago we’re here to drive the Julia quadrifoglio and that’s where we’re going to go now so the Alfa Romeo Julia quadrifoglio now with nicer interior same running gear same mechanical same great driving experience which is good because nothing needed to change about the way this.

Italian sport sedan proceeds down an Australian road the two do go hand in hand you know you might think of something like a Ferrari as being hugely compromised for running anywhere but Italian auto strata or a race track and of course you’d be right but an Alfa Romeo Julia quadrifoglio is a way to distill some of that experience into a car that you really can live with every day and it starts with the engine you know some people call it a cut-down Ferrari v12 that doesn’t tell the whole story but what it is is impressive in its own right even without name dropping the prancing horse.

It’s a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged petrol v6 a 90 degree v6 producing big numbers 375 kilowatts of power 600-newton meters of torque and like a lot of the best cars in this segment, it’s still rear-wheel drive only you can, of course, get this powertrain with all drivers in the Stelvio quadrifoglio which sends heaps of its torque to the rear wheels when you want it to but in the Julia, that’s where it sends all the talk because that’s the only place it can send it and as such.

Turbo V8 Review

What you have here is a very potent pure drivers car rear drive nice big engine up front but pushed way back against the firewall so we still have really good crisp turn-in and of course, the engine itself weighs much much less than the four-liter twin-turbo v8 in the c63 for example now it doesn’t sound the same but I think you’ll agree the engine doesn’t sound too shabby it’s an exaggerated sort of v6 note up front while you’re revving it out nice zingy mechanical noise.

Before you just get these claps on the upshifts and then rev-match downshifts sounds good engaging and the good thing is you can make it be a total loud if you want in its loudest mode in race mode it makes a really good peachy noise which you can enjoy on a back road like I am now or if you want to put around the like that then be my guest but the car starts up in what’s known as natural mode and it’s quite quiet if you drop the hammer and you accelerate rapidly in any mode.

It’ll still crack the upshifts and be pretty noisy but you can easily just drive this car around on light throttle and no one’s gonna pick it really as the quadrifoglio there’s a bit of a burble from the rear end but you can be quite social with this car it’s got two personalities and the same can be said for the excellent suspension now if I just relax the dampers off here into their soft setting it’s livable on this broken up Australian back road and it’s livable to daily.

Why Should You Buy Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglie

I can’t say the same for a c63 even though they deliberately made that cast softer for its midlife facelift well it was pretty hard before that it’s still pretty hard BMW m3 has a super-stiff rear-end you know the cs was okay the Audi rs4 and rs5 are sweet they’re even more comfortable than the Julia quadrifoglio but they can’t do quite what this car can do dynamically the chassis balance of the Julia is superior and that’s why because of its high-end dynamic capability.

But also its livability this is kind of the car that I think to myself yeah if I was shopping in that segment and I wanted something which could do it all this is it apart from having a wagon body but then it always brings you back to the point that you can get a Stelvio and then there’s the steering which is you know it gets you close to god the steering of the Julia quadrifoglio this is how a car like this is meant to steer the rack is quick it’s fearsome if you see a mid-corner bump you feel a mid-corner bump, not in a rack rattly way.

Build Quality Of Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglie

Just that there’s communication through this electric power steering setup which is great heaps of grip from the Pirelli p0s on this car but largely the grip in the Julia q comes from the fact that it has very high mechanical grip the chassis stays with you it doesn’t want to get out of shape and you can drive this car to a very high limit without getting it out of shape and you just you have to fully commit to shenanigans and you know it’s going to step out and it goes but doesn’t step out everywhere you know a c63 wants to go sideways all the time this will do it.

But it also wants to help you drive fast and precisely which is nice all the while experiencing just terrific steering lovely response from the front end a good nose you know it’s lovely this thing just lovely handily lighter than a Stelvio which I also enjoy driving very much lower set wide squat set up properly lovely steering wheel good seats you don’t need the spares these are enough you don’t need the carbon strap it breaks the stoppers on this they’re big boys too they haul up the Julia quadrifoglio without a problem you know so it’s pretty well stocked as it comes and handily cheaper than many of its rivals and then when it comes to safety.

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