New 2021 Kia Sorento Sports Car

New 2021 Kia Sorento Sports Car

Introduction Of New 2021 Kia Sorento Sports Car

New 2021 Kia Sorento Sports Car. Which is about eight thousand dollars cheaper than the range-topping gt line and it sort of splits the Sorrento range into the gt line and the others but is that the way we should consider the range or does the sport plus do everything a family needs that’s what we’re going to find out in today’s article.

This new generation of the Sorrento Kia poured a lot of money into the styling department and I think it looks wicked especially in this mineral blue paintwork now the gt line does get bigger 20-inch alloy wheels than this car we have here which is sitting on 19s but it doesn’t make it look any worse, in my opinion, one of the best details of this car is the rear taillights as well which have this art deco kind of funky kind of styling.

Where they’re split into two bars and I like the way the new Sorrento looks but of course looks subjective what you think but I think it’s one of the best looking in the segment certainly besting the updated Santa Fe and the Mazda cx-8 but let’s see if those good looks carry into the interior of the Kia Sorento and the good news is it does the Sorrento is a really lovely place to be inside again.

Kia Sorento Design Review

It’s come a hugely long way since Kia debuted in Australia and it now feels properly premium it’s really impressive so starting with the design we’ve got this quite cool funky again art decoy kind of design you’ve got these vents which are cool uh slightly odd inclusion of secondary vents here but still, it looks really good there’s a nice bit of brightwork but there’s not too much chrome that reflects into your eyes it’s nicely thought out I particularly like this sort of metal here in front of the passenger there.

It’s a nice little detail that shows that Kia has thought out the interior of this car the appointments are pretty impressive too so you’ve got a soft touch up here on the dashboard you’ve got soft-touch door cards and a nice supple leather padding on the doors and the armrest here and the comfort factor is high I think these standard leather seats are more comfortable than the gt line’s quilted leather seats they’re electrically adjustable in both cars.

It seems that you can sort of sink down into these seats more where the gt lines are a bit flatter and a little bit less comfortable so I prefer sitting in the sport plus oddly the slightly more affordable variant so definitely test drive both of them if you’re looking at the gt line now whether sport plus does sacrifice a little bit is in technology so you miss out on the 12.3-inch digital drivers display you get two analog dials and a nice landscape orientation ft screen in the middle.

This gives you pretty much all the information you need and I think that this shows that Kia could have pushed the digital display in the gt line just that little bit further because it doesn’t add anything really over this spec except for the blind-spot monitoring which is pretty cool in that car no I think this is fine for everyone you’ve got a 10.25-inch touchscreen here in front of you which is nice and responsive nice and crisp and you do have wired apple car play and android auto.

Touch Controls In More Features In Kia Sorento

You don’t get wireless as you do on lower grade Kia systems that’s just to do with the fact that key is in negotiations trying to sort that out with their providers so hopefully, we’ll see that fairly soon but otherwise everything works nicely you’ve got dab radio 2 crisp easy to use and the navigation is pretty nice to interface with you’ve got touch capacitive buttons on the side here and you’ve got touch-capacitive aircon controls as well luckily they’re not buried in the menus though.

They’re very straightforward and simple to use you’ve got dual-zone climate and you’ve got rear ac as well which we’ll get to in minute practicality is another strong suit for the Sorrento which is good because it is a car for families you’ll see how practical it is when we get into the back but upfront, you’ve got this nice little storage cubby you’ve got three USB ports two fast charging and one for apple carplay two cup holders here and a nice little cubby for your key and then a random cubby for odds and ends.

Really deep central storage bin here with an extra tray for your phone and then the door bins are nice and big to fit a good size bottle but perhaps not the biggest bottle that you could ever need so the Sorrento in the front seat is a fantastic place to be as a driver and almost forgot to mention but the surrender has a nice creamy leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons and yeah it’s a nice thing to hold and in the front seat of the Sorrento.

Seats Review Of Kia Sorento

It’s a lovely place to be the only slight gripe is that the sound system isn’t quite as good as the bose you get on the range-topping model but that really is nitpicking in a car like this so let’s jump into the back seat and see how practical the rear quarters of the Sorrento are because in a car like this that does matter so the second row of the Sorrento this is where a lot of kids are going to spend a lot of time presumably in a car like this and the good news is it’s very comfortable back here each outboard seat has its sort of nice bolstering so you’re very comfortable in the outboard seats.

The middle seats a little bit of a perch but it’s not too bad given how high the roof is I’ve got a decent amount of headroom at six foot two so most kids will be absolutely fine I’ve also got plenty of legroom behind my seating position and oodles of tow room as well now you can adjust the back seats independently so you’ve got one and two so 20 40 splits so you can pull it forwards so you can be slightly compromised in the middle row to make the third row a bit more comfortable and I’m still comfortable with it sort of move forward you can also adjust the backrest.

Which is all nice and dandy now the practicalities of this car because this is where it kills the competition so you might be able to spot it from over there but you’ve got USB ports in the back of each seat which is great so you can keep your kid’s devices charged while on a long road trip you’ve also got a USB port down here and 12-volt socket so you could conceivably keep a hell of a load of devices charged you’ve also got this nice little cup holder design here.

USB Port And More Inhasive Features Kia Sorento

Which fits into the snazzy door card and another little bottle holder down here you’ve even got a soft touch on the rear doors and a nice soft leather pad and then a flip-down armrest so if you’re carrying four or six passengers middle row can be nice and comfortable with even more cupholders even space for a little piccolo cup there, of course, you’ve got your rear air vents back here that are adjustable so the rear seat of the Sorrento is a really clear thought out proposition.

It’s the same story in the third row as well where you’ve got even more USB ports you’ve got clips to hold the seat belts in to stop them rattling when they’re not in use and you’ve got ventilation as well so the Sorrento is a car that’s been thought through for an Australian family and I think that’s great so let’s check how the boot is without the third row in place and with the third row in place and while I walk around you’ll see some b-roll of me trying to fit into the third-row seats and we’ll see.

How successful that is so now we come round to the rear of the Sorrento where we get to check out how practical it is for carrying luggage but before we do that just to mention on these rear lights which I mentioned at the start because it’s one of my favorite design features on what is a very affordable vehicle I think it’s a nice touch and well thought out as is the spaced-out lettering down here and the power-operated tailgate.

Now there are beeps to accompany it but at least it gets out of your way pretty quickly and reveals a nice large boot with the tailgate out of the way you’re looking at 616 liters of boot space with a five-seat configuration folding up the third row only gives you 187 liters of boot space so when you’re traveling with seven people you’re only really going to be able to fit school bags in the back seats for all those seven people but with five people on board it’s pretty practical.

Enigine Review Of Kia Sorento

We’ve got the new chasing cart suitcases in here to demonstrate how spacious it is and there’s a couple of other handy touches back here including some sort of shopping bag hook things and as I said before the extra USB ports for the third row but it’s not quite as practical as something you’d get in a European product like a Skoda for example with the Skoda Kodiak which has millions of nets underneath the boot floor you’ve got a little bit of extra covered storage and then a full-size spare tire as well.

This is all nice and practical so let’s pop that boot closed you can also lock it from the tailgate here and take this Sorrento sport plus 2.2-liter diesel out for a spin on the road so let’s talk about how the Kia Sorento is to drive and the good news is like the styling I am a big fan of the way the Sorento drives I think they’ve nailed everything down to be quite luxurious but without sacrificing simplicity and straightforwardness in the driving experience.

That starts with the engines now there’s two available currently in Australia with one more on the way this one here is currently the pick of the bunch it’s a 2.2-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder and it makes outputs of 148 kilowatts and 440-newton meters it’s a nice diesel and it’s an all-new motor for this generation of Kia Sorento even though it only makes I think one extra kilowatt compared to the outgoing motor it’s got an alloy block instead of a cast-iron block.

Oil Review 7.7 litres Per Hundred Kilometers

That’s good extra lightweight over the nose and keeps the weight down and should be a little bit more fuel-efficient on that note we have returned 7.7 liters per hundred kilometers over our testing period which I think is pretty good there is a 3.5 liter v6 available as well and that makes 200 kilowatts of power 336-newton meters so unlike this car that sends all of its outputs to the front wheels via a torque converter automatic that engine is quite a lot thirstier and it is an alternative to this.

If you want to save a little bit of cash but right now the diesel is where it’s at the four-wheel-drive system is impressive in this car as well it’s very proactive at sending power to the rear wheels and generally shuffling it around which makes it feel like it would be quite capable off-road and in us, they sell a Yosemite version which is sort of kitted up to be a bit of an off-roader which I think is pretty cool and I’d love to see that come here you can let me know down below.

Speaking of stuff that’s coming here shortly there is a plug-in hybrid electric version very shortly about to land in Australia now it’s got 169 kilowatts and 350-newton meters combined and that’s going to be pretty awesome and it’s going to give the Toyota Kluger a real scare I think in the sales numbers because it’s going to have that blend of electric usability low emissions and cheap running costs and that’s going to be great but anyway let’s talk about the car.

Gearbox And Driving Wheels

We’ve got here so as I said that four-wheel-drive system is fantastic as is the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox in this car now it’s not quite as smooth on takeoff as something like a torque converter would be but it’s a smooth-shifting gearbox in practice out on the road and it’s quick to kick down especially when you’ve got it locked in the smart mode which is a little bit more responsive to the driver’s inputs so it gives you it goes red basically like sport mode.

When you’re trying to drive quickly and when you’re driving a little bit more slowly it goes and relaxes into a sort of eco mode now speaking of the modes that’s what this little toggle down here is for you’ve got drive modes on the left and then press it and then you’ve got offroad modes as well so you’ve got mud sand and snow all of which influence braking and traction control characteristics the other well-polished part of the Sorrento is the chassis.

Now I like what Kia’s done with the steering it feels very natural it’s down to their Australian tuning program no doubt it’s got a real natural light feeling without being overly light or overly heavy in any of the modes it’s great and that combines well with a chassis that is again in the sort of goalie lock zone it’s a little softer than the gt line in the sport plus in fact, it’s quite noticeably softer and that’s not down to suspension tuning at all.

Talk About Facts Of Kia Sorento

I asked Kia and apparently, they have the same suspension tune it’s all just down to the tire size because this car rides on 19-inch tires with 235 55 series rubber continental rubber whereas the gt line rides on two five five 45 series and this car feels a lot plusher a lot more soft and costing so I think this one drives better for most people now the gt line does have a little bit of a trade-off in cornering on country roads.

Where it just feels a little bit more stuck down to the road but that’s not what a 7-seater SUV is about so for me this sport plus strikes a nice balance and it doesn’t let any of those big thumps from the road come into the cabin too much even though it’s a big echo chamber NVH is well suppressed including for the engine as well and the chassis has some real talent you get it on a back road and there’s a nice balance to this here Sorrento.

It doesn’t understeer it doesn’t plow into understeer and it doesn’t sort of wallop it and roll around instead it’s just very neutral and allows you to make confident progress down a back road, unfortunately, the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox in this car is hooked up to a standard style uh stick not like gt line which gets a little twiddle dial the reason I like the twiddle dial.

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