Look At The New BMW M3 In 2021

Look At The New BMW M3 In 2021

Introduction Of Look At The New BMW M3 In 2021

Look At The New BMW M3 In 2021. The BMW 4 series carried this bold tall vertical kidney grille look at the front what we didn’t know was that BMW was planning to add it to the m3 as well here with this car in the hero spec of the isle of man green over a two-tone tan and black interior, to be honest, I think it looks pretty cool even if I will concede the m3’s best angle is from the back where this car is beautifully proportioned with pumped out haunches that give you a clear idea of its intent and of course much of the story is about what’s under the bonnet a brand.

BMW M3 S58 Engine

New twin-turbo straight-six s58 engine they’ll be ringing the best out of here at Phillip island before we do that we’ll take a look inside the new m3 inside the new BMW m3 the bones here are from the new g23 series amped up to the next level with heaps of components that set this car apart and remind you that you bought the fastest possible 3 series and they start with the seats I’m sitting in the standard seat for this car they are a performance bucket-style seat you can go a lot further if you want to for a considerable sum you can put in full carbon racing bucket seats.

Body Frame Seats Of BMW M3

Which are tight not all body frames are going to fit in them these seats are still very supportive and have electric bolstering for the sides as well personally unless you were going to track the car frequently I think sticking to the standard pews is a good idea now those seats are still heated electrically adjustable and with memory, this is a very well kitted out car and in fact, the m3 that I’m sitting in here is a competition all of the automatic m3s for Australia will be competitions.

fifty-four thousand nine hundred dollars price Of BMW M3

They cost a hundred and fifty-four thousand nine hundred dollars you add on five grand for the m4 if you prefer two doors and it’s a high spec vehicle we’ve got the full merino leather package inside merino leather on the doors and up there on the dash plus down here where your leg rests it is quite plush however if what you’re after is a manual a really good deal is the basic m3 it’s 10 grand less you change your gears and the spec inside is still very good there’s still Harman Kardon audio.

Which you get on this car there’s still extended merino leather not the full package and personally, that’s the way I would go because you’d have to think this is probably the last manual m3 available now the technology is here we’ve seen it all before it’s the latest BMW drive system you do have touch capability you’ve also got the rotary dial down here between the seats which I prefer perfectly suits a car like this which is a cruiser for bumpy roads and then ahead of the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel Review

We’ve also got a fully digital instrument cluster, not everybody likes the reverse sweep tachometer it’s quite cool now this steering wheel is a little bigger than I feels good in the hand pretty thick however carbon paddle shifters real carbon their carbon on the steering wheel the full carbon package in here is standard can swap that out for aluminum or even wood would be a bit of me and on the whole, it does feel plush it does feel luxurious and even though this is an expensive car it’s quite a lot of car for the money at least here upfront.

The m3 this is also about practicality let’s have a look in the back seat it’s here that the BMW m3 makes a case for itself over the m4 and speaking for myself only this is the version of this car that I would go for even though the two-door is very lush it makes it easy to either put people back here or stow your gym bag or whatever you want the sedan form factor is a good one for using this car for its intended purpose and of course for wagon lovers there is an m3 touring on the cards for the very first time and that’s going to come to Australia probably next year.

Racing Style Seats

You can see that even room here in the sedan is pretty good I’ve got decent headroom at six-foot legroom behind my driving position’s fine there’s toe room as well despite this being a big bulky racing style seat we’ve also got stuff like well we don’t have a flip-down armrest there you go I lied it’s the pass-through and this car will be available with all drives something like that would be great for a ski trip we’ve also got air vents separate climate zone more USB ports back here and all of that extended leather as well what’s the new g80 BMW m3 like to drive.

Well, we’re not quite ready to talk about what it’s like on road yet because BMW has chosen to launch the new m3 and m4 here at Phillip island grand Prix circuit down in Melbourne and it’s a great opportunity to check out what this car is like in an environment where you can take it towards its limits naturally though these vehicles spend a lot of their time being used as commuters as well and one of the great benefits of the BMW m3 is that this is three series with yes serious performance aspirations you can bring it here you can bring it to Phillip island it’ll stand up to a big fast track like this one you can also drive it to work and we’ll revisit it on road later in a comparison with its key rivals.

Door Designs Of BMW M3

But in isolation here on the track, it’s clear that BMW continued to up the ante with what the m3 and m4 are capable of and if you track the progression of this car this is the sixth generation m3 if you look back to the e30 ride through the generations to this car every changeover of m3 and then later the m42 door as well has been more and more serious more aggressive designed to be faster everywhere and the way they’ve got to that point with the new m3 is largely through a new straight-six petrol engine still twin-turbocharged two single-scroll turbochargers.

Some big numbers 375 kilowatts of power 650-newton meters of torque and that’s in competition trim which I’m driving now the first m3s to arrive in Australia are all competitions and interestingly the dual-clutch automatic from the previous generation is out replaced by a more conventional torque converter auto which is now fast enough to do the job an eight-speed unit here in the competition for ten thousand dollars less you can opt for the non-competition variant of the m3 which comes with a six-speed manual gearbox and BMW Australia says that about 10 of pre-orders for this car are for the manual and to put that in perspective that’s a higher percentage of pre-orders than people who are opting for the full carbon package on this car for example while a manual is definitely niche.

It’s not the most niche thing you can do to an m3 and for traditionalists like myself that’s certainly encouraging of course that’s not to say that the torque converter auto in the competition is a bad gearbox it’s not it’s a phenomenal gearbox well matched to the new engine now the manual’s outputs are down slightly 353 kilowatts of power and 550-newton meters of torque but they’re still big numbers an awesome muscle car dressed up in an attractive suit like this one it’s a little slower the auto BMW will say does 3.9 seconds from zero to 100 the manual is a 4.2-second car.

BMW S59 Motor Review

I don’t think anyone will be complaining at that kind of run and of course, you’re going to be more involved in the experience and I look forward to driving the manual later the new engine in the m3 and m4 is interesting it’s the BMW s58 motor we have seen it already in the x3 and x4 m there have been some improvements both mechanical improvements and software improvements slotting it in here to the m3 and m4 and the main thing at targets is there’s less lag off the line which is quite pronounced in the SUVs naturally it’s also a lighter car it’s no longer light.

We’re not talking about an e30 m3 anymore in fact the new m3 is 170 kilograms heavier than the car it replaces which is not the number going in the right direction thankfully the outputs being generated by the s58 more than overcome that deficiency in a straight line you’re always going to feel that mass and need to manage that mass when we start talking about limit handling that being said the chassis of the new g23 series is excellent and it can certainly stand up to the added beef of the m3 which wears the g80 chassis code the suspension is adaptive as standard.

Gearbox Is Cool

We’ve got three modes to cycle through a normal mode which is quite livable then stepping up to stiffer arrangements with sport and sport plus those changes can also be filtered through to the steering which gets meatier and meatier and interestingly the brakes too there’s a comfort and a sport setting for brake feel if you want more immediate brake response you can select that through I drive system naturally we can also do throttle and we can do the aggression of the gear changes even for this torque converter interestingly it was the dual-clutch was a very quick gearbox.

A little bit unfriendly around town we now have a gearbox in the m3 auto that combines better compliance and livability at low speed it’s still very snappy uh on track which is pretty cool all of the other benefits of the new g23 series are here as well including a great driving position classic longitudinal arrangement and driving position legs stretched right out sitting low in the car the ergonomics are excellent in the new 3 series the seats in the m3 are very good too the noise of the car it’s pretty good we are getting a little bit of artificial sound here in the cabin.

Final Words

It’s been well-tuned it sounds quite bassy still, you know classic straight-six noises in this car true to the formula of the BMW m3 refinement levels are pretty good too you can option uh very aggressive tires if you want to the standard package isn’t too noisy when noise is minimal in the car it is something I think you could live with every day I think it’s a little friendlier than a c63 amg perhaps not quite as supple as the Julia quadrifoglio getting towards that level of course not having those vehicles back to back means you know we need to get them into a comparison to see.

Who comes out on top because I think those cars did have the previous generation m3 licked towards the end of its life and I’m keen to see what the new order is now there’s a new m3 in town those are my detailed first impressions of the new BMW m3 on track at least this is a car that’s well suited for a track like Philip island something where a fast and brawny sports sedan like this can excel and show us exactly what that s58 engine is capable of course I’ll have to reserve my judgment about what this vehicle is like on road until BMW is ready to let this car loose in that environment.

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