Kia Stonic Is Best | Toyota Yaris Cross Lets Comparison

Kia Stonic Is Best | Toyota Yaris Cross Lets Comparison

Introduction Of Kia Stonic Is Best | Toyota Yaris Cross Lets Comparison

Kia Stonic Is Best | Toyota Yaris Cross Lets Comparison. That was down overall and these two are both newcomers to the Toyota Yaris cross it’s been out a couple of months now it’s gotten a really good start because it’s basically all about bringing Toyota’s super economical hybrid system to this segment the Kia sonic launches in Australia this week but it’s been out in Europe for a few years already so does that put it at a disadvantage against the Yaris well not on price,

The sonic even in top grade gt line trim like I’ve got it here is 29 990 drive away it’s a pretty affordable small SUV the rs cross xl hybrid mid-spec 31 990 plus on-road costs so as you can see the KIA already pulls ahead in terms of value for money but it’s all relative isn’t it because if you bought a hatch instead of one of these small SUVs you’d be saving five grand or more apiece but that’s not what we’re here to talk about is it we’re going to compare the sonic and the Yaris cross we’ll check out their interiors their practicality how they drive and how safe they are before we get started make sure to hit subscribe and first of all we’ll take a look at.

Kia Sunic Advantages

The new KIA sonic as I mentioned the sonic I’ve got here is the gt line which sits at the top of the tree of this SUV that slots in beneath the celtos which has proved to be popular here in Australia but on the sonic, you can get three grades a bass s that’s pretty darn basic a mid-spec sport that has most of what you need and then this gt line which has all the toys that Kia can throw at it and it does scrape in under that 30 grand price point however the sonic is heavily based on the Rio it’s just a restart Rio with cladding and you can tell that here inside.

Where the cabin is so so similar to the Rio light hatchback the two even share a crash testing rating that goes to show just how similar they are but what’s the interior like for the most part it’s pretty tidy the basics are good we get a standard eight-inch touchscreen here which is crisp crisper and brighter than the one you get on the Yaris cross it has wide apple car play and android auto dab digital radio navigation it’s a pretty good setup the speakers they sound just okay this steering wheel though is a nice piece this one’s exclusive to the gt line you’ve got contrast stitching perforations a bit of badging work, all in all, it feels quite expensive and quite nice.

Doors Cabin Stitches Leather Sides

That’s important because the rest of the materials in the cabin are not the best lots of scratchy plastics on the dash and doors down here where your leg rests it doesn’t feel quite as I suppose plush as the Yaris cross but even that’s a very relative term for this segment which is about being affordable even though these cars are not as affordable as the hatches they’re based on in terms of seats the ones in the sonic are okay the base is a little bit low and you can’t adjust that but the materials that the seats are made out of are quite nice we’ve got sort of faux stitch leather on the sides and cloth in the middle and that’s a good hearty material.

That’s also not going to get too hot or too cold we’ve got simple layout here for the climate controls big dials for the things that matter we have an armrest which is good to see it’s hurt it doesn’t have one of that deep storage within it decent cupholders decent tray ahead of the shifter and rarely for a Kia big bottle holders that can take a one and a half-liter bottle plus we’re sitting underneath the sunroof so all in all you do get quite a lot of toys here on the gt line let’s check out what the back seat of the stomach is like now the doors of the stone feel pretty light the window line doesn’t run too high.

Sun Is Attractive Vechial Look Like His Feature

The sonic does betray the fact it is based on a hatch but in terms of room here in the back it isn’t too bad so I’m six foot sitting behind my driving position I’ve got you know good headroom another couple of inches despite the fact we have a sunroof on this car legroom is fine another couple of inches their toe room is acceptable now while there is a fifth seat belt getting someone into the center of this car isn’t going to be quite as easy as in the Yaris cross though both of them are pretty small of course Kia can sell you a cello, Sportage Sorrento.

If you want a larger SUV no air vents in the back but we do have a USB charge point that brings the total for this car to two but all those materials here in the back are pretty scratchy some padding on this armrest here but no central armrest in the back of the sonic all in all though it works you can get four adults into this car without too much of a problem now coming around the back of the sonic I actually think it’s quite an attractive vehicle of course design is subjective but I reckon Kia have done a decent job on this vehicle particularly given it is a few years into its model cycle over in Europe.

Now opening the manual tailgate it’s nice and light anyone can do it there are 352 liters of space which is quite impressive it’s a deep boot you know it’s so much bigger than something like a Mazda cx-3 and then underneath the boot floor down here we have a space-saver spare wheel ii plus a little bit of extra storage off to the left-hand side and the ability to fold those back seats 60 40. so sonic off to a reasonable start in terms of interior and practicality how do the eras compare now Toyota is pretty proudly advertising the Yaris cross as a part of what they’re calling the Yaris family.

Yaris Frond End Design Well

So they’re not trying to hide the fact that this small SUV is heavily based on the Yaris hatch and of course they’re also trying to bring in some of that idea that it shares some grs DNA now I’m not quite sure how much that is true the cars only share a front end but the Yaris cross is a part of this new generation of Yaris that sits on the tnga platform and overall we found it to be a good improvement this, of course, is our Yaris cross long-termer in gxl hybrid spec.

This lines up pretty well in terms of price with the sonic even though there is a higher grade of Yaris cross you can buy for even more money in the form of the urban this mid-spec gxl does have most of the features that you’d want however but the interior is darker and drabber than the more stylish cabin of the Kia that being said I think the Toyota is made a bit better the doors have more heft to them we’ve got better plusher materials up here on the dash there’s some cool and quite chic sort of fabric inserts here on the doors and the seats are more comfortable with more support particularly in the base.

Even though they are still manual just like in the Kia now we do have a nice little steering wheel here quite dainty little spokes that feel good but no ornamentation or anything as special as the one in the Kia but we do look forward to this kind of interesting binocular gauges with a sort of gear indicator and a speedometer separate to the color chip computer in the center I quite like them and then over here we have a seven-inch touchscreen oddly the screen is tiny given the size of the bezel that it’s in so that’s a bit of a miss.

Toyota System Design Well About Yaris

But the functionality is fairly good Toyota’s system isn’t as easy to use as keyers but we do have integrated navigation DAV radio wide apple car play and android auto and the speakers are quite reasonable in the Toyota as it goes in terms of practicality we do have a good space ahead of the shifter big cup holders and a small box here but no armrest no Yaris cross has an armrest and Toyota don’t currently offer it as a genuine accessory which is a big miss and it just means you kind of got nowhere to rest this left arm on a long drive which is a shame however the door bins will take a decent sized water bottle.

So what’s it like in the back let’s find out just let the stone you’ve got to watch your head a bit as you get into the iris cross but once you are back here the room on offer is acceptable as I mentioned six foot this seat’s in my driving position headroom is good about the same as the Kia though we don’t have a sunroof here in this grade and legroom is you know likable almost identical to the stones but there is more toe in the Yaris cross.

So if your friends have large feet on large shoes then they will have more room here in the back of the Toyota getting a fifth person in is I think slightly easier because this is a wider car the floor is a little flatter but still nothing like air vents in the back material quality it’s fairly harsh we don’t even have a padded right-side armrest nor do we have a middle seat armrest but you can on the euros cross put this down to get a really ghetto armrest which is rock hard but it does have cup holders in it and you can see that we get this sort of 40 20 40 folding seats here in the Toyota.

Kia Is Populer On Erope Brands

This is quite convenient if you still need four seats accessible moving around the back of the Yaris cross now I’m not sure that this SUV is as conventionally handsome as the Kia but I’ve grown to quite like this little gremlin over the several months that it’s spent with us at chasing cars but that stuff is subjective which of these you prefer the look of now we do have a manual tailgate on the Yaris cross assisted by gas struts quite a lot and you can see the actual height of the door isn’t too high 390 liters of space in the Toyota even with the hybrid.

So that’s a bit better than the Kia in the order of about 10 to 15 better and you can see it’s a big deep space we’ve not got the cargo cover with us today because that’s been stashed somewhere in the course of long-term ownership but you can get one or it’s standard I should say and then beneath this split boot floor, we have another boot floor and then beneath that we have a spare so both the Yaris cross and the sonic do offer you the peace of mind of knowing you’ve got a spare tucked away.

Look On Interior On Both Cars

If you want to take the car on country drives however the boot is heavier on the Yaris cross compared to the sonic all right that’s a look at the interiors and the practicality next up is driving these two small SUVs and discussing safety and kick off that segment we’ll jump back into the keyer so up against the Toyota Yaris cross what’s the Kia sonic like to drive well really different is a way to put it in two words there’s kind of this lightning bolt split down the way that Toyota are choosing to do their small cars which are a bit like how Subaru are now opting to do their small cars and the way the European brands are doing it and the key is sonic even though this is a Korean car.

This is an example of a European style small car we’ve got a small turbocharged engine we’ve got a dual-clutch automatic gearbox and we’ve got a ride which biases road feel and body control more than it does comfort and so it does feel European in style this sonic now I should flag that this is the launch of the sonic because of the pandemic we’ve only been distributed one variant of the car to drive so I haven’t yet driven the cheapest versions of this car which come with a 1.4 liter naturally aspirated multi-point injected petrol engine the only sonic.

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