Now that you are looking at applying to take the permit test, there are areas that you may not know even exist that may be on the exam. There are different licenses available for the different vehicles that are on the road. There is a standard passenger vehicle, which is the most common, but there are many other types of motor vehicles. Here are some that you may hear about and will encounter on the road: CDL, Class D, Class Dj, Non-CDL, Class C, E M, Mj, R, Enhanced, and Real ID.

Most of them are licenses that you will not need, but the more you know about the others on the road, the better you will understand why there are some rules. Here we summarize what each of the licenses is for. CDL License is a Commercial Driver License is a wide range of large vehicles that contain freight. The freight can range from large cargo to passengers, and it requires knowledge in air brakes. These large vehicles are also tractor-trailer combinations such as double and triple trailer combinations, liquid cargo, hazardous material cargo, or school bus driving.

Class D and Class Dj are to drive vehicles that have a specific weight rating. Class D is a specific is 26,000 pounds or fewer with the restrictions. Class Dj has a specific weight rating driving a vehicle less than 10,000 pounds with restrictions. The Dj also allows the operation of Class B and C mopeds and if driving restrictions such as where, when, and with whom you can drive. Non-CDL, or Class C, is still a restriction of weight if they have GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and tow as long as there isn’t a CDL endorsement requirement.

Taxi or Class E is for passengers for hire in a vehicle that holds 14 or fewer passengers. Although they may seem similar to a bus with the number of passengers, they are not. There are also two types of Motorcycle licenses, Class M and Mj. Class M is for anyone over 17 to drive a motorcycle or moped and Mj is for the motorcycle and moped, but with limitations on where, when, and with whom the vehicle can be operated.

Class R is for the movement of recreational vehicles. There isn’t a written test, but you have to be at least 21 to take the driving test and take the test in the vehicle. There will be certain requirements on the driving test, such as turns, intersections, and backing up to a curb. When thinking of traveling, don’t forget to see about getting the enhanced license. Enhanced licenses are like a passport. They are for the border crossing to prove citizenship. Motorcycle and commercial licenses can also be made into EDL format.

The actual driving test will be performed in the type of vehicle they desire the license for. So if you want a license to drive tractor-trailer combinations, then the driving test will be in one. However, it is also important to know that if you change states, there are some rules. If you are visiting a state, then you must have a valid license from another state to drive in the state. In most states, if you are becoming a permanent resident of the state, turn in your out-of-state license and get a license of the state you are now living in.

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