BMW 330E The New Model Of BMW | let’s Have A Look

BMW 330E The New Model Of BMW | let’s Have A Look

BMW 330E The New Model Of BMW | let’s Have A Look

BMW 330E The New Model Of BMW | let’s Have A Look. The new G20 BMW 3 series is a pretty good small luxury sedan but does the formula get better when you add plug-in hybrid elements to this vehicle in today’s article we’re going to find out [Music] this is the BMW 330e a plug-in hybrid version of the new BMW 3 series and as the badge suggests BMW consider the 330e to be basically on par with the combustion 330i a vehicle that’s rated very highly by us in both sedan and touring station wagon form.

Now here in Australia, the 330e comes as a sedan only but the spec level is the same as the 330i save for the obvious powertrain differences the 330e packs a slightly detuned 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine but it adds a 9-kilowatt hour usable battery and an electric motor producing 83 kilowatts of power and this vehicle’s combined figures of 215 kilowatts and 420-newton meters of torque is pretty impressive.

Conventional Hybrid To Save Fuel

How does the 330e come together in the real world well later in the article we’ll talk about how this vehicle runs under electric power alone and then how it works when you just drive it as a conventional hybrid do you save fuel is it efficient and what does this thing cost to run we’ll get into all of those questions in today’s article.

First of all, we’ll start inside the whole point of a plug-in hybrid like the 330e is that it’s meant to feel familiar unthreatening similar to the 330i that it’s based on, and in the cabin here that’s exactly what you get to save for a few hybrid and electric specific buttons and modes you can select here between the seats everything else looks effectively like the BMW 330i and that’s no bad thing because the current-gen BMW 3 series has an excellent interior build quality is a very high probability.

The highest in the segment I think and I like the aesthetic even though it’s a little more conservative than rivals like the Mercedes-Benz c-class for example that being said the layout is very clear relaxing there are physical buttons for everything you’d want physical buttons for and the level of technology in the cabin is just comfortable like it’s not overdone you’ve still got up to the minute technology like wireless apple car play and android auto.

Super Sportable Seats In BMW 330E

In many ways, it still feels a little bit analog in the tradition of a BMW 3 series that starts with an excellent driving position a classic rear-wheel-drive driving position where you sit very low in the seat of the car I should say with your legs stretched out in front of you the steering wheel is in a good position and your visibility is good but you do sit low in the traffic making the car feel even more agile and live the seats are great very supportive shapely these are the sport seats.

We are getting slightly taller bolsters and the bolsters are inflatable as standard this car is specified with cognac Tenaska leather which looks fantastic if it’s not your thing there are quite a lot of colors available on the standard range in the three series which is great you can customize this car more so than an Audi a4 or a Mercedes c-class for example now the trim in this vehicle is BMW’s aluminum tetragon.

I find that a bit of an upsetting optical illusion I’d probably just go for brushed aluminum or open-pore wood there’s a variety of combinations you can choose now BMW are loving a thick steering wheel at the moment on any car that has m sports branding or above and this vehicle is no different I’m not sure who exactly can get the hands around this thing but it’s massive nice to see a lovely leather stitched airbag cover though and then you look forward to digital gauges 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

Touch Screen Features With IOS 7 In BMW 330E

You can’t put a full map or a satellite map or anything there like in an Audi a4 and the tachometer is a reverse sweep which I know, not everybody likes but you know it works fine, and then here in the center we’ve got a 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen running BMW ios 7. you can also control it through the drive controller which I prefer that works well and the vehicle’s standard stereo is excellent if you want even more punch you can option in a Harman Kardon system too plus practicality is decent wireless smartphone charging medium-sized cup holders decent box.

Between the seats with a USB c charger for fast charging and big door bins as well so upfront it’s quite a pleasant place to be as anybody aware of the car market knows BMW now have a huge amount of models in their range so where a BMW 3 series might once have needed to carry people in the back quite often these days my view is that for most buyers this would be a second car and there’s probably a large SUV in the garage alongside it and the BMW x5 is also available in the plug-in hybrid form here in the 3 series I consider the back seat to be more of an occasional place.

Plug-In Hybrid Variant 3-Series Sedan In BMW 330E

That being said the dimensions are very good for me at six foot I’ve got decent headroom another inch or two despite the fact this car is specified with a sunroof legroom’s good toe room is acceptable the middle seat is a real perch so you wouldn’t want to use that too much but the outboard seats are perfectly comfortable and you have amenities like air vents a separate temperature zone and two USB-C fast charging ports plus a flip-down armrest plus the materials back here are just as soft and acceptable as the ones up the front so even though I don’t think many people will be maxing out the seating capacity of their 3 series too often it’s nice to know that the room on offer is quite a decent well.

We come around here to the back of the BMW 330e and we find one of these vehicles only clear compromises and that’s that the plug-in hybrid variant of the 3-series sedan has a smaller boot than the combustion vehicle that it’s based on how you still get a power tailgate which feels like a true indulgence on a small sedan like this one and you’ll see here we’ve managed to get two of the chasing cars suitcases in the biggie and the smallest of the lot.

But overall boot space is down to 375 liters compared to 480 liters in the combustion version you also have a problem because your charging cables are stored in a separate bag down the back of the boot there of course you could ditch those if you want to but then if you need to plug this car in or want to plug it in somewhere you won’t have your cables on you so it all just gets a little bit you know confused then underneath this boot floor.

Drive A Plug-In Hybrid

What we have is a little bit more storage and then underneath that, you have no spare wheel so this car relies on run-flat tires something BMW has been kind of trying to move away from in recent years but the packaging constraints of a plug-in hybrid makes that a little bit difficult now overseas you can get the 330e as a station wagon which I think would have made more sense for Australia because it wouldn’t have so many constraints in terms of the cargo area.

A super-niche car like this is already one that’s only going to appeal to your enthusiasts and enthusiasts in this space tend to like wagons so I probably would have made a different planning choice but I understand why the sedan form factor was the one they went for because that accounts for the vast majority of three series sales as a whole here in Australia, of course, one of the big questions with any plug-in hybrid is what these vehicles cost to run first of all we’ll get an easy one.

Out of the way which is insurance over the last 12 months the median budget direct customer has paid 1547 dollar to comprehensively insure a BMW 3 series of course that pricing can vary based on where you live your driving history and how you garage the car so you can get a quote at but onto the more complicated stuff and that’s what this thing costs to fuel or what it costs to put energy into it and it comes down to how you drive a plug-in hybrid.

New G23 Series

What BMW would like you to do is have a garage where you can charge this car every night and if you do that then it is very cheap to run if you use off-peak power here in new south wales Australia for example and you’re paying about 15 cents per kilowatt-hour you’ll be able to put about 40 kilometers worth of range into this car for around 1.35 in Australian dollars and that’s around four times cheaper than the equivalent petrol you’d put into the car and that is pretty attractive even on the sort of median peak power prices you’ll still be saving around 50 percent compared to fueling this thing with petrol.

However, if you never charge up this vehicle it’s only ever going to be about as economical as a BMW 330i which is considerably cheaper to buy than this car so if you’re going to buy a plug-in hybrid it’s something that you should lean into then there’s servicing what BMW do is they let you pre-purchase service packs on their cars that last for five years or eighty thousand kilometers of scheduled maintenance and on the three series.

That’s going to set you back 1750 and it’s going to cover all of your basic service items but not things like wiper blades or brakes, for example, those are going to be more on top and then there’s warranty BMW Australia are persisting with a three-year unlimited kilometer warranty which is now quite poor for the industry particularly when you consider that Mercedes Benz offers you five years with unlimited kilometers so what’s the BMW 330e like to drive well I’ve been looking forward to driving this car basically because I think the chassis under the new g23 series is really good the 330i has impressed me.

Electric Motor Review

I do think that plug-in hybrid is an interesting solution including for markets like Australia where most people do spend most of their time driving in the suburbs or commuting to and from work not many people tend to get in the car and drive long distances in-between states regularly but even if you do a plug-in hybrid can still let you do that it’s kind of a bit of an insurance policy it’s not quite stepping entirely into the world of full electrification you get a bit of both naturally.

That also means you get compromises from both sides but BMW is usually pretty good at minimizing compromise and so I’ve been keen to check out they’re probably you know their most important plug-in hybrid work yet here on the 3 series so what are we dealing with well we’re dealing with a classic plug-in hybrid situation where we’ve got a quite traditional petrol engine a small battery and an electric motor that provides quite a good amount of boost to that petrol and you can either run one or the other or you can have the car try and work out a tandem hybrid mode.

Battery Performance

That lets you extract those hallowed combined power and torque figures but most of the time you won’t be doing that driving the car at 100 effort getting that combined number with a plug-in hybrid if you run it like I do most of the time you’ll either be driving it in electric-only mode and therefore getting the best running costs out of this car or the battery will be pretty low or depleted and you’ll be driving it like a conventional hybrid like a Toyota or Lexus hybrid for want of a better way to put.

It because that’s how the 330e behaves when it has a dead battery but I’ll come back to that shortly firstly the figures so the two-liter turbocharged petrol in this car the BMW b48 motor has a relatively low state of tune 135 kilowatts of power and 300-newton meters of torque and the 330e has an electric motor which makes another 83 kilowatts of power and 250-newton meters of torque and that results in combined outputs for this car of 215 kilowatts of power and 420-newton meters of torque compare that to the 330i with which this vehicle shares most of its badge and that car produces 190 kilowatts of power and 400-newton meters of torque so it’s fairly similar a little bit beefier in the 330e but the way it works out in the real world is usually quite.

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